AE95 Wagon Lift – Wheels & Tyres

With the lift on my wagon in it’s final stages, I knew it was time to pick out a set of wheels and tyres to suit the new look and purpose of the car.

I did think about keeping the mesh wheels and just swapping over to some better suited tyres, but, I didn’t want to bash the shit out of them and I also didn’t think it’d look any good with bigger tyres and the same old wheels.

Eventually, I’d love to put some marios down on something really cool and period correct such as some OZ Racing shoes or similar – But for now, I’ve gone with a cheap and easy alternative that you normally see on budget machines that just want that wide look.

I put my wallet out and chose a set of Dynamic Racing D Steel Wheels in gloss Black. At $75 a wheel you really can’t go wrong!


There are a few options in regards to size and width, All of them are very aggressive, which was something I wasn’t really targeting. In the end I went with the safest size option in a 15X7 +12et ( 4X100 Ofcourse ).

Due to the low offset they are quite mental on the car – especially up the front. I wanted a 15″ wheel due to the size and cheap option available here with these wheels.

You can get them here:

Tarzia Tyre Centre

Tyre wise, I spent loads of time reading, asking mates and in general just checking in with tyre shops locally and online to see what I could get. After chatting to quite a few people, I worked out that a 205/65/15 Was my size of choice.

Being a really common size I was absolutely flogged out for choice. The issue was though, not many companies make an All Terrain in this size. I could have either a BF Goodrich at $300 a corner or a Goodride SL369 A/T at just $108 a rubber.

I went with the Goodride after reading a heap of reviews, essentially it spelt out that for the coins, This was a great tyre. Numerous nights were spent pondering before I grabbed these online and had them delivered out. They are a really nice tyre tread wise and from my little drive I’ve had are nice and quiet!


You can find more on them here: Goodride SL369 205 65 15

Fitment Wise, I think I can nearly get away with running these without a flare. The combination makes for a really fat look and even thought the wheels weigh an absolute shitload they do work well – especially if you fold one and need a replacement quickly and easily.

I’ll post some more about them once I’ve had a good chance to see what they are like for a while. For now I’m trying to make some centre caps work with the wheels, and, I might do the white writing on the tyres thing. Yeah, I know!


Until next time,

Peace out!


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