AE95 Front Strut Spacer Installation

As much as I don’t love the Idea of a spacer between the strut and the body of the car, In my situation, This was the simplest option.

I was toying with what to do when I got to this point. Briefly, to explain how I got here looks like this: I went to the wreckers and basically just pulled Toyotas apart and inspected their struts, springs and test fitted them onto an AE92 hatch for reference.  I’ll cover this is depth when I post the front strut installation.

The way I got to need a spacer was via the outcome of my quest at the wreckers. I’d hoped to get a Rav4 strut in the car with an AE95 Strut top to match – I read online that a bunch of dudes with Ravs were using Celica struts to lower their cars, Hence the idea that the opposite could raise my corolla. Some time ago I’d used a set of Toyota Celica Struts from an ST162 in my AE82 Twincam with the AE82 hats. Now before this turns into a massive web of bullshit that’s confusing I’ll stop and simply say – I’ll cover this in my front end swap post. Hold out! It’ll be worth it!

So, No rav bits meant needing the spacer in simple terms, so, I started searching. Kevin Youngman was kind enough to help make me something similar to what he is using on his machine “Gezza”.


Now, I’m not as Handy as Kev and needed to grab something off the shelf. I did loads of looking about until I finally found a pair on eBay that were happy to ship all the way from Russia! These cars are massive over there and this was awesome – at $80 posted, I had a four week wait. These lads finally hit my desk at work in an air bag and it was on!

You can get them here:

eBay AE95 Corolla Front Strut Spacers


These come with longer studs to suit a standard 90 series Corolla strut top. I found out the hard way that a Toyota Celica ZZT231 Strut top does not have the same diameter studs as the 90 series corolla! The bastards have a larger base!! They still use the same nut though.


I ended up getting super lucky and finding a pair of brand new non genuine AE9X tops for just $35AUD each! So, another 6 days were spent waiting for a package to arrive on my desk…


You might still be lucky and find some:

eBay Toyota Corolla AE9X Strut Tops

These aren’t the best quality – but they aren’t bad either… They will do. The bearings are reasonable and this is half the battle with the tops failing over time due to wear and tear.

At this point I have no more photos of what I got up to… Even better though, A Video. Basically it’s pretty simple – You replace the standard studs on each top hate with the provided longer ones. I used a couple of sockets and my vice to do so. You can do it lots of different ways, I just like the idea of pressing or pushing them out over bashing the piss out of them when a hammer… Don’t be that guy/girl!

Anyway, Here’s my video:

The 40mm lift was well worth it!


Stay tuned fo deh front!

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