AE95 Lift – First Drive

After a few beers and a session putting a few things together ( such as modifying the ST204 Celica brake line mounts on the front struts to take my AE95 hoses ), I was ready to drive the car out of the garage for a good bath and a quick drive to make sure nothing was going to fall off!

I didn’t take any pictures of the brake line mounts unfortunately, Just of the wash and  a short video…

IMG_20180322_181124_417.jpgIMG_20180322_180342.jpgIMG_20180322_180326.jpgIMG_20180322_180315.jpg The car feels awesome! I’m so happy with it.. totally different as you’d imagine but for the good! I want to go camping really badly now ( it’s not far off! )

Here is a quick video showing how the car looks on the road with the raise!

More to come very soon!

See Yahhhhhsss111111!!!!

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