AE92 Digital Dash Cluster Swap Into AE95

Since owning this car, I’ve always fantasised about that unicorn part. The one that you see in a google images search, the rare, expensive and often unobtainable piece to a puzzle that you’ve concocted in your head. Everyone is different, but for me this was that part – A very rare AE92 FXGT Digital Dash Cluster with the fuel sender to suit.

9kxd10imagesimages (1)toyotacorolla_dash1toyotacorolla_dash2

The trade off with this cluster for me is the fact that you loose the oil pressure gauge and just go back to a light, but it’s also the greatest thing ever! It reminds me of being a kid, playing Sega and other rad stuff of this time such as calculator watches…

I was lucky to find it locally here in Australia though a lovely guy named Brendan. Unfortunately the car that the cluster was intended for was damaged and as it sometimes does, life got in the way and it was stored away. Back in 2015 I had expressed interest in the dash but Brendan and I were both busy, and that’s where it stayed. It was like this until early 2018, When Brendan rediscovered the dash moving house and contacted me – He told me he wanted me to have it because he knew I’d give it a good home. This was pretty touching and we met up and did the swap. I had my mate Bway with me and he was absolutely in ore, as was I.

It is truly a treat to see one in person, the type of thing you know is that cool and that sought after that you instantly grow a lot of respect for it.

IMG_20180512_130233IMG_20180512_221921IMG_20180512_222425IMG_20180512_222431IMG_20180512_222434IMG_20180512_222441IMG_20180512_222451IMG_20180512_224408 The first thing to do from this point was to pin the whole thing out so that I could get it wired in and fire it up to make sure it was a runner. To do this, I managed to find a Toyota Japan wiring supplement for the cluster that was in Japanese. I wanted to translate it for myself, but just as much for other people trying to do the same conversion.

With the assistance of Google Translate, I managed to translate the whole thing to English – A shout out here to Anthony for tipping me off about the latest update with this app – It’s amazing!


I have handwritten the translated terms next to the Japanese ones:

Digital Dash Cluster Wiring 1Digital Dash Cluster Wiring 2Digital Dash Cluster Wiring 3

As for the wiring side of things, I labelled everything up and proceeded to the garage!


I also cross referenced wire colours and functions with an English supplement I have here on the bookshelf.


I pulled the JDM AE95G 7 Dial cluster out and began work on the wiring, focusing on one pin at a time on a plug and going left to right, I matched colours and confirmed their functions before placing them into their appropriate homes.


The first thing I wired in and tested was the clock – Such a minor detail, but any form of life is enough to keep you going on limited sleep!


After this it was on to the big show, and let me tell you – I was very impressed. The dash itself works flawlessly and is in mint condition!


After test driving , I noticed the fuel gauge was on the light, and, being through this with analogue fuel senders, I filled the tank just to try and settle the unit. This worked and seemed to show half a tank, but, as time went on it seemed to be getting higher. *Fingers Crossed*

Apart from a couple of blown warning light globes, it is fully functional. This is a super super cool swap. If you can find one with the sender, you are onto something great – And to be honest, easily wired up compared to a 7 dial dash.

I have a video coming and will insert it here when it’s ready!

Feel free to contact me if you want assistance wiring up a dash.

You wouldn’t believe it, but my AE95 has had:

  • Stock Base Model Dash – No Tacho
  • AE95 SR5 Tacho Dash
  • AE93 Corolla SX 7 Dial Dash
  • AE92 Cielo JDM 7 Dial Dash
  • AE95G Carib 7 Dial Dash
  • AE92 FXGT Digital Dash

You could say that she has been around the block!


10 thoughts on “AE92 Digital Dash Cluster Swap Into AE95

  1. as an owner of a 92′ AE95 manual trans., this is a holy grail type of find…. Amazing piece of work you did! Enjoyed the read…. thanks for showing


    1. That’s a beautiful car Anton! Did you place the inclometer where the vents where in the dash? Also is that a factory AE95 Digital dash or was it swapped? Could you send more pictures? Message me on Instagram @retronics_garage

      Thanks for writing!


      1. Thank. Unfortunately, the years take their toll, but this is a car for every day — to work, on weekends, trains to nature outside the city, and it copes well with this task.
        Yes, it is an AL 25 inclometer, but only the case, the previous owner of the car was installed this panel, could not connect the fuel and temperature sensor, and there is no indication of the locking center differential on this panel, so they took the lock indicator from AL25, the fuel sensor and temperature From Standart Dash. On the carib AE95G (and as far as I know the sprinter AE91 too), there were only standard analog dashboards of 2 types, short and long (+ voltmeter, fuel pressure and clock).
        The backlight on your pics is white, and I have a green one, are these bulbs or just such a photo?


  2. Awesome effort mate,btw i have that digital cluster in my shed,i just ignore it cause i dont have any idea to install it in my rolla,but since i saw this article,maybe you can help me for sharing the wiring diagram,hopefully u saw my comment and can reply me by email cheers mate


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