Jaycar Reverse Camera Install into AE95 Corolla Wagon

This is one of those projects that I found myself playing around with due to the simple “need” to swing a spanner somewhere in the garage. It came about after the installation of what I call the “Bargain touchscreen”.

I scored a really neat touchscreen stereo from the wreckers with a smashed digitaliser ( touchscreen ). It’s great, especially for $10! It was an easy fix in the end, It cost $15 for the new part from China and about 20 minutes to stick in. It’s got bluetooth, USB and multiple video and audio input and output options including, you guessed it…. A reverse camera.

The unit is a Clarion VX400A

Check out the repair in the link : Clarion vx400a Touchscreen Replacement 

The camera I purchased is just a run of the mil basic unit from Jaycar:

Jaycar Reverse Camera


The first thing I did was remove the stereo from the car and run the wiring from the rear of the car where the camera would be mounted, to the front.



The camera kit comes with a decent RCA and integrated 12v trigger for the camera all wrapped up in a small flexible package to keep things nice and easy to route.

Wiring wise it’s as simple as plugging in the Video feed to the Camera designated output on the stereo, and the 12v trigger wire to the camera wire on the head unit. One wire and one video connection is as simple as it gets!

Wiring and user manual for the VX400A can be found here:

Clarion VX400A Manual

With everything connected in the front, it was time for the hard part – routing the wiring through the roof line in the rear of the car and passing it through the factory grommet to the tailgate. This part was difficult as the grommet had very little free space for extra wires, and required some persistence, that paid off in the end.


Once this was all ran, I tested for continuity using my multi-meter and put the plastics back in the boot, tailgate and roof.

The camera mounting is very simple and the kit comes with a nice little flexible bracket, double sides tape and two screws to keep everything nice and secure. Once mounted up it’s just a matter of adjusting the camera by flexing the bracket to gain the best view. The AE95 was nice and easy to get good vision out of due to the flat rear end.


I am fairly impressed with the camera and equally as impressed with the image quality on the stereo. It’s nothing special, but it’s good for the money. This was a fun little project and is really handy when reversing down blind slopes etc.


I have alot going on right now, But I will be back very very soon!

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