AE92 Coilovers into AE82 Corolla

This all started a couple of years ago, sitting on eBay on my lunch break at work, looking at a heap of stuff I couldn’t afford… And then I stumbled across a set of AE92 BC Coilovers. The honest description mentioned that the suspension was far too harsh for the owners car, but that they were in good condition. At a mere $200aud for the set, I watched and waited… And then as many of you will appreciate, the distinct eBay tone sounds and I tear my phone out of my pocket to investigate. I expected them to go for a bit and was ready to see a high bid and just close it off and let them go. To keep it short, nobody else placed a bid, I won them at the starting price and paid a small shipping fee.

When they came out of the box I noticed how much preload was on the springs, The shockers would have never even traveled with the amount of load wound in, whoever had set these up had royally shagged the whole thing. This was such a gift for me though, once wrestling them undone, I installed the fronts into my AE95 wagon and sold the rears to a mate. The shocks, as expected were like new.

Come forward those two years and the fronts had come out of my wagon, destined for a storage container, the rears long gone in my mind. One night out in the garage I had a really obvious thought… Checking out coilovers for my AE82 online, I thought: “You idiot, you have the BC’s… See if you can get the rears back and buy spares to convert these.”

I managed to get the rears back as they were when I sent them – Cheers Matt! They were stored as spares and I just got really lucky… stoked!

With the set back in my hands it was time to enquire about spares to do the conversion.

With the help of Just Jap, I spoke to Russell who pointed me in the right direction and priced me up on the parts required.

BC Racing Australia

Just Jap

A month later, from over the water came my package of shiny parts!

I cannot thank or recommend these guys enough, they were so helpful in getting me the parts!


I’ve made two videos and will follow them with the write up and begin with the front end, and whats required to get them into the AE82.

This is the easier part, the bottom knuckles are identical on both models, so it’s a simple strut top swap to bolt them in. I initially was going to just buy the plates and retain the ball top itself. Speaking to BC it was an extra $50aud a side to buy the whole top for the 82, with pillowballs and all, SO I just bought the whole tops and bolted them on.


The video is a hell of a lot more informative:

I borked up really badly when purchasing the parts for the rear. I assumed that the rear strut tops were the same in both models, but the bastards aren’t!!! Talk about a rookie mistake, I’ve ordered this stuff from halfway across the world and now I’m short two rear tops…. Shit! I was ready to concede defeat, put my order in for the two rear tops and just wait it out… Speaking to my mate Bway, we discovered he had a pair of rear plates laying around for an AE82 coilover… We weren’t sure they’d fit the BC’s as they were another brand but the risk was a calculated one…

It paid dividends and I was able to convert the rear over to suit the hatch too.

Now, what you’ll need are the strut tops ( Or plates as mentioned ) aswell as the two feet to suit the AE82. The difference here is the bolt spacing on the knuckle. On an 90 series and upwards the bolt spacing differs on the top hole and is too far apart. You could elongate, and I mean really elongate the hole in question, but I wanted it to be 100%.


Once again, click below to watch the far more detailed video I made on the Rears:

The car came up trumps with it’s new suspension and looks really nice on my old trusty mesh wheels.


Now I just need a wheel alignment and I can play!

I hope this helps a few people out as it’s a common query amongst the Corolla Masses!


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