The Wheels That Just Didn’t Cut it…

So, as you do when you don’t sit still on anything, you tinker about in your head about what wheels would work on what car and how good would this be and blah blah blah…

This was my  exact thought when a set of *CRINGES* cheap, enkei RPF1’s became available through my mate Bway. A brand new set of black reps for very little money became super tempting, and. eventually came home with me…


They had really shitty Enkei stickers on them that I happily removed before I took them to the tyre shop to get mounted!

Trying to find some inspiration and see what these wheels would like like on my wagon was really not easy, everything is lowered… But I did find a couple of ideas online and think they’d suit up!


Armed with this, I was confident that I had chosen something worthy of a crack and had them fitted…


On the plus side, the wheels were so much lighter than the steelies, But just did nothing for me. I tried hard to like them, I even waited a week, But unfortunately they have come off and I went back to the old steel wheels.

If you’ve read this far, I assume you’re thinking “Yeah… so”

So out of this I didn’t just buy wheels, not like said wheels and sell them, I also found another model of Enkei wheel – That I doubt they produce in a 4X100 PCD like my little wagon, but still if I didn’t do all this I’d not have found them. It’s funny as they are known as an RPT1 – The T signifies “Terrain” and the wheel is a very nice offroad take on the regular RPF1 Design.


You can’t deny how good they look! I’d love to see someone fit a set to something sacked for some controversy!

Anyway, Nothing lost but knowledge gained!

Happy Wheelin’

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