Diecast Car Display Case

I’d seen some really nice looking cabinets out there for putting loose hotwheels and matchbox cars on display. I have quite a few used cars that are super cool that deserve a place, these include 3 AL25 Tercels a Volvo 240 wagon and a Toyota Dyna truck.

Looking for something at work one afternoon paid off, there was a heap of Masonite, shadow board and other stuff stacked up – So with permission it came home to the garage for my take on a display cabinet.

I went to bunnings and bought the pine for the frame and proceeded to measure it all up and fix it together…  *No Photos*

From here it was time to cut the Masonite into strips for the shelving and to get get the glue out and fix it all in at even intervals.


Once this was complete, I knew it needed something, So I painted the inside white, and stained the frame.

cofcof36732102_2086239271631175_7365523592974434304_n36759558_2086239168297852_4895425649788846080_n36763885_2086239234964512_5045950960589864960_n36811973_2086239204964515_4622258780506161152_nMounting the case to the wall was easy – I found two studs and used 75mm wood screws with a washer and drove them into the wall through the cabinet – it’s super happy in my shed!


By far the best part of the whole process was finding cars at the shops, opening them up like a little kid and stacking them into the case. It fits that many cars, I’ll be shopping for quite some time!


I am keen to hit up the markets and try and find some cool loose cars to go in there too. Total costing breakdown here:

masoniteMasonite – Free

Pine – $8

White Paint (pressure packs x 2) – $12

Stain – In my garage

Glue – $8

Total – $28

Time to build – 6 Hours

Result – Awesome

Now that it’s on the wall, I will get a length of plexi glass cut to sit over the top to protect the cars – I’ll report back with it’s cost when I get it!

Happy Inner Childing!


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