OEM Tailgate Central Lock Installation on AE95 Wagon

After fitting genuine Toyota central locking to my AE95, I was missing the boot actuator. I bought the car with aftermarket locking and used the locking out of an AE92 Seca, hence the lack of tailgate actuator.


As you can see, the comparison between a factory lock and non lock car is very simple, and generously, Toyota thread the extra mount hole for the locking motor.

Mounting the unit up is really simple, as I said previously, it’s all there ready to go!


I was super stoked to finally piss off the scotch locked cheap piece of crap that had been playing up for a long time!


Because the wiring for the aftermarket lock was already run, I simply connected the plug for the genuine item to the existing run and got the soldering iron out – I need to and will do more soldering / wiring – it’s my favourite thing in the world!


I’m really happy to have a reliable mechanism in all the doors now!


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