Milwaukee M12 Soldering Iron

Anything battery powered tool wise, bar say a lawn mower or a lawn trimmer is worth every cent in my mind! My garage is full of them, and it makes things so much easier –  for example, taking my rattle gun to the wreckers and just blasting off any nut and bolt I please.

Anyway, I purchased a new M12 powered Milwaukee Soldering Iron recently and thought i’d let you know how it was after a bit of use. I usually use a gas powered unit but have noticed it absolutely drinks the stuff – and cannot be simply recharged if it runs flat. I also have a soldering station, but clearly being a station there are limitations, this fellow lives on my bench for this exact reason.

So far it’s been used for about 10 hours and has required 2 charges in that time. It’s really convenient to use as it has a nice ergonomic handle, a tilting head for working on odd angles, an led light for seeing where you normally can’t, easily interchangeable tip and to top it off,  it’s really light weight, making it lovely to work with.


I also love the LED battery level indicator and the fact that you’re up and running out of the box in less than 20 seconds!


For the price – This is a good little iron. You will be up for a bit of cash if you don’t run any M12 Milwaukee gear to begin with, but it is worth it as they have some great gear you can use the batteries in.

You can buy them everywhere:

For more info, go here:


With a five year warranty, loads of handy features, great battery life and a 20 second zero to solder time – Why wouldn’t you?


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