New Not New Wagon Exhaust

It was funny actually, I’d bought and stripped out a Carib  (With my mate Sam’s help) in a night and had left this exhaust on the car to go to the crusher. It was done before the car came over from Japan and was a straight through system with just a hot dog in the centre (no cat) and a single rear muffler. At the last minute i decided to chop it down and remove it for installation on my wagon, it’s 2.5″ and was actually not a bad thing bar the whole missing cat factor.

I chopped it out after the hot dog and thought I’d have it welded up at a shop. I was stoked when a lad I help out at work offered to do it for me one afternoon at home and bring it in to me early the next day. I took him up on this and got the pipe home and threw it on.


It’s a far better system than what was there from the factory, gone are the asthmatic bends over the rear diff, and the tight turns around the back of the cat.

Whilst I was there I chucked in a new set of panhard rod bushes and new exhaust clamps to make everything nice and tight.


Because the car this was on had the longer rear bar like my car, the exhaust sits properly on the rear, with a nice exit point inline with the import bar.

It is noticeable that the motor breaths a touch better with the larger less binding pipe also, it’s not noisy, but it’s worth the little money it cost to fit up!

I’ll post up some shots of the car this pipework came from and some of the other parts it gave me !

More soon. noticable

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