AE95 Carib Parts Car

Well, I never thought I’d part out a JDM Carib Wagon, but here we are…

I knew the last two owners and after being tagged in a post on flogbook, I knew I wanted parts off this steed for my little car. It’d been through a fair bit, she had paint through the rear end that took out most of the interior ( that the last owner luckily replaced ) and was treated badly over in japan with some really poor damage repairs involving lots of construction steel, and very little paint or anything, creating rust on the chassis.

It’d also seen bad times when it landed in Australia for compliance, with some cowboys blowing holes in the doors when welding the side intrusion bars in, and hacking the rear end to buggery to add ADR compliant seatbelts. With these dramas, and the motor being fairly flogged out, It was good for bits….

When I say good for bits, holy smokes batman, she provided!

How good is this Factory Option Boot Mat:


One of the most wanky cupholders ever….


More wanky stuff – An armrest console thing, so you can armrest whilst you armrest….


A Dealer Option Bash Plate:


Factory combination switch with adjustable INT wiper option ( Super rare in Australia! )


At some point, The car had some nice PIAA Foggies, This little relay box was left behind.


Full JDM Interior


Monsoon Shields


Bronze Glass ( Super Dooper Rare )


The front and rear bumper bars and grille were all the longer low impact style and were kept, the front bumper and grille will be for sale very shortly.

Full exhaust:


Glass sun roof – already gone to a great home 🙂

Climate Control


Power Windows and central locking were also all saved from the car.


The car had height adjustable suspension, but wasn’t saved due to it being fairly useless in my opinion…

A mad shout out to Sam for not only towing the car for me, but donating his time and his house for the car to be pulled down. We went for it and in just over 24 hours had it completely stripped down and ready to be collected. Thanks to Steve for the car and the goodies, that included factory wiring supplement and a couple of brochures!


Once we were done, there wasn’t anything left inside, just a bare shell with it’s motor intact.


Although unfortunate to see such a high spec car go this way, I ensured it donated as much as possible!


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