Atari Joystick Gearknob

First of all, not my idea, simply my take on what i’d seen out on the line!

Let’s be homus though, how sweet was playing gaming consoles as a kid ( or now ) and getting that touch of nostalgia out of something… like a vintage Atari joystick for example. Seeing stuff like this brings back those memories of playing games with my brother, sister and my mum, it’s unbeatable… Pitfall and Pong!!

After trawling the interwebs for a goer of  a joystick, I found this bloke for a bargain on eBay and slotted her in. It was in great condition and looked to have seen years of storage in the depths of a box somewhere dark…


The next thing was working out how to thread the joystick onto the gear knob shaft. I figured I could donate a ratty old gearknob to the cause, wondering what it was made of?


I used a hacksaw to cut through the outer, keeping the inner threaded piece of the show unharmed. Did you know the black outer is just rubber? I thought it was plastic!


The middle section is made of a nolathane type of material.


I shaved down the winged parts on the sides of the threaded piece, until it was the right size to sit inside the joystick. This was so easy, the joystick is simply held together with screws and comes apart in two halves, the base is also two pieces and is just held by screws, and of course the contacts for the buttons.


At this point I knew there wasn’t enough weight in the gearknob, so I used some sinkers that were laying around to give it a touch more feel.

In terms of getting it to all sit right, sinkers are great as they are so various is shape and size, so I was able to distribute them throughout the joystick and still screw it all back together. In terms of the threaded piece, I attached that with a touch of glue and screwed it all back together.


Like I said earlier, This was such an easy little project, And it’s super cool!


Lots more to come!

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