Lifting Matt’s AE95 SR5 Wagon

Very soon after placing my lifted suspension, wheels and tyres up for sale, I was contacted by my mate Matt who owns this lovely AE95 SR5 Wagon, Complete with factory sunroof that has been swapped from a colour coded panel item to a fully fledged Carib glass roof.

We didn’t use the RAV4 rear shockers or my front struts in the lift as Matt was already running Holden Commodore Monroe Air Shocks in the rear ( An awesome combination with the lifted Falcon springs ) and Standard Height King Springs with fresh Monroe Inserts in the front factory casings.

Suspension wise the setup was:

Front – Factory Strut Bodies with Standard Height King Springs, Monroe Gas Inserts and 2″ Spacers.

Rear – Monroe Holden Commodore Wagon Air Shockers with AU Series I Ford Falcon Rear Springs.

The wheels are what I ran, Dynamic D Drift steel wheels in a 15×7 +12 ET wrapped in Goodride SL369 All Terrain Tyres in 205/65/R15


Red pops so much with black wheels.. especially looking so mean!

While we had the front end out, we did a little brake upgrade.

Series II Corolla SX Calipers with new pads and a pair of slotted cross drilled DBA rotors. This is a really simple upgrade and requires removal of the dust covers but otherwise is a direct bolt on upgrade. ( No pictures sorry! I was covered in brake fluid! ).

We took the wagon out for a good steer and apart from needing an alignment, is super! The brakes bedded in nicely and we found some rough dirt to have a play on. I reckon the front struts with the kings are a better match than the celica front end that I ran in my car.

Matt also installed the combination switch from the Carib parts car as it had the “INT” wiper dial on it – Another plug and play upgrade!

As you can see next to my wagon that is now lowered again, It’s a good lift. I’m keen to spend another day with Matt and his car soon. We are installing an SX Strut Brace and possibly some driving lights…


More coming!

One thought on “Lifting Matt’s AE95 SR5 Wagon

  1. Hello from the Russian owner of the Carib!
    It’s nice to see such an ideal state of the Carib, unfortunately in Russia in such a state I don’t see, only workers, more than 25 years old, but still working Caribs. (A lot of them – easy can count 1-2 from 30 min driving in city)

    My car lifted – rear shock absorbers from Rav4 sxa10, the springs from the Russian car which are 10 cm higher than the standart springs, and the front of the rack from ipsum sxa15, tyres is 185/70/14. Result – under the lower part of the bridge \ collector exhaust pipe – 21 cm up the ground. – photos before lift, need upload latest.


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