Back to Life on the Ground – AE95 Wagon

Although this is nothing new for both myself and AE95 owners generally, I thought I’d write this up and specify exactly what I have done to get the ride height right, including part numbers for both front and rear.

I best address the why back down low?

It was basically because everytime I drove out somewhere I could really have a go with the car lifted up, I was worried about marking the paint and so on. I learnt that I do care about this car alot, especially because of how hard they are to get in Gunmetal. I still long for something cool that I can take out camping so all isn’t lost just yet for that guise… I loved being able to drive and not worry about getting up driveways etc!


Previously I was running BC AE92 Red front coilovers – This is still the case coilover wise, but, I’ve got some really budget spec fellows in there that came up on eBay at a stupid price. They are “Maxspeedingrods” and if that isn’t enough to put you off then what about some of the videos of blokes online unboxing them and putting them in with no idea of how to set up a coilover or even what camber is? I thought it was a calculated risk and went through with it and purchased a set to suit AE92/101/111/112.


Most importantly, lots of videos I watched gave me a good idea that they present well, but don’t use the same shaft thread and pitch as any of the big guys – They use an insert the same size as a standard strut casing and suggest you could get another insert in there as they is a gland nut style top on them. They are camber, damper and height adjustable and after 1000km’s have offered a very surprising comfortable ride with no problems what so ever.

I purchased them for less than a pair of “Goodish” camber tops. I know right…

Now, I didn’t just go slapping them in there… No! I made a mongrel front coilover using the rear springs and coilover bodies ( The bodies are longer – 2″ or so ) with the front feet and tops obviously to go in the front.


I’m also running an AE92 Strutbrace and have rolled my front gaurds. Coilovers are the way to go as it is tough to get a good shock and spring combo if you want to go as low as me and have a good working setup.



If you didn’t know, The rear of an AE95 is basically identical to an AE86 bar the axles and hubs being 4×100 rather than 4114.3 PCD. This means that you can use lots of common parts made aftermarket for an AE86 on the AE95 to achieve a good rear end setup without having to custom make stuff to suit.

Springs – King Spring KFRL-27 to suit EL Ford Falcon Rear ( 2.5 Coils Cut ) These are a good progressive spring that will perform very well with the right shock.

Shockers – Ultima 400292 Shock Absorbers to suit VB to VP Commodore Super Super Low, VP Maloo Utility, Hilux Front 1979 – 1984 – These shocks are perfect for the spring height and provide a good firm feel without rattling teeth out.

Bump Stops – Rear bump stops are no longer available new for AE86/95 etc. I discovered a bolt in replacement/upgrade that offers an off the shelf stop. You need to use a washer and the AE95 factory bump stop bolt to get them in – 2001 Mazda Tribute / Ford Escape.

Bushes – I used Nolathane brand AE86 Rear bushes to firm up the rear that bit more.

AE86 Rear Bushes Part Numbers

My mate Kevin made me an adjustable panhard rod, but for the sake of it a whiteline to suit is a: Whiteline KPR010

Rear Swaybay – I managed to score a second hand whiteline solid rear sway bar that was near new very cheap. It made a massive difference to the feel of the car and gave me a good suprise when I drove it as it firmed the back right up!

Whiteline BTR25R


Rear sill height is about 140mm and front about 125mm – This allows the lowest points to be above the 100mm mark and keep the height legal. For an ultra budget suspension setup I cannot complain about how it feels and handles on the road. Loads of people ask so at least there is some material to reference with part numbers here. As I keep finding more and more parts that suit from other cars I will post these up and revise this article,


2 thoughts on “Back to Life on the Ground – AE95 Wagon

  1. Hi, I come from Taiwan, and forgive for my english may not very well !
    Very thanks for sharing your how-to-lower AE95 works. and I want to try to lower my AE95,too!
    But I have a question about after lowered the AE95, the transmission shaft will change the position in elevation, and will the transmission shaft possible shiver abnormal when driving? and how to resolve it?
    sorry to bother you, thank you!


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