ROH Casino Wheels

Back in 2010, I owned a set of these wheels. They are such a nice wheel and went through a few owners before I got to them. It was one of those things, “I’ll never sell these” was said quite a few times, and, to cut the story short, I’m a tool, I sold the wheels!!!



Now that that’s all said and done, Come forward some 6 years since I offloaded them to 6am on a Thursday morning , A random 4×100 Australian wheels page on Facebook and another set for sale in the nations capital. What??? Really, hmm.


I was certain they’d be gone, but luckily they were still available and the seller was being dicked around… BAD!

Luckily, I had a Toymods lad help me out and go and collect and pay the cash for the wheels what a legend! From there they were freighted down to me within 3 days.

Get My Ride Towing was absolutely awesome and very well priced!

These wheels are really iconic for the time period of AE82 and AE86 Corollas as they ran them on the TTA Touring Cars:


These wheels are almost identical to a Zender Turbo. I must confess, I owned a set of those too… I sold them. Can you see a pattern here? Damn!!!!


When the wheels arrived, I was genuinely shocked that they were in the condition they were. There are some scuffs and bumps but that is to be expected given the age.


I gave them a good clean up but they need a few good hours of cleaning to get rid of some grease and grime to be really nice. In the mean time they are fitted up and look great!

I won’t sell them this time!!!!


2 thoughts on “ROH Casino Wheels

  1. Hi mate , i love those wheels , where can i buy some , and how much should i expect to pay for a set, im locatedin Sydney.

    Thank you
    Kind regards


    1. G’day Michael, Would you believe I have been considering seeing these ones! Unreal! They are super rare these days. Price wise I guess you would pay more for the rare side of things than the wheels themselves. They are a good solid old MAG but they are just super tough to get, especially in a 4×100 PCD. At a guess you own that lovely white fxgt that was at toyotafest this year along with Jason’s? Thanks for writing!


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