Bluetooth Battery Monitor

Having two cars in the shed that don’t get driven enough, I always tend to try and either start or at least charge their battery to keep things happy. Recently, I stumbled across these little fellas on eBay and thought I’d have a go!

eBay Link

I chucked the first monitor on a dead(ish) battery and put it on charge and took some screenshots of the app on my Android smartphone to show you what it can do:



There are a couple of really sweet tests the monitor can perform and log in the app, including start/crank voltage, mileage log ( In minutes ), and RPM charge voltage ( to ensure alternator is in good working order ).


The install is easy if you just want to throw the monitor down as pictured, but I will place them into a better spot here they are hidden.


The biggest issue with having two battery monitors is that the app doesn’t allow two profiles, so, you must connect to one and then choose the other. To combat this I installed an application called “Island” that allows you to run two instances of the one application:

Island Android App

unnamed (1)4097112738893398049..jpgscreenshot_20181009-125052742050983385102850.jpgimg_20181009_1246584820680955392032936.jpg

The app is great with it’s notifications and logs data on the monitor until you come into range and connect to it. I believe it has a 30 day life before it wipes data from the monitor itself. The app holds infinite history on all aspects of your battery.


For a relatively cheap little gadget, I’m happy with this. The app needs a polish but otherwise it’s super helpful!

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