AE82 Factory Radio Install

After running a Pioneer double din radio in my AE82 for the last 12 months, I couldn’t bare it any longer, I need to get the standard radio back in it – It didn’t look right.


The reason I went this way was due to the factory radio being faulty due to a jammed cassette mechanism. I was lucky enough to score an identical radio from a CSX seca, being green, It was a simple face swap including the globe covers in amber to convert the originally green unit to my factory orange.


The housing around the knobs on each of the faces was slightly different and required a little bit of modification to make the two units one.


The wiring harness that came with the radio was an absolute mess. I took some time to cut out all of the unnecessary wires joined to the factory connector, using heat shrink to tidy it right up and keep it safe.

davdavdavdav​ To combat the bluetooth or lack there of with this setup, I purchased a handy little Cigarette lighter socket powered FM Transmitter with bluetooth.

Jaycar Bluetooth FM Transmitter


I may end up adding a bit more of a system at some point, but for now I’m just happy to have everything inside the car looking correct!


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