Rack it Work Bench

Looking at garage storage, work benches and racks, I’ve always built things myself. The time had come where I needed a less cluttered, stronger, simpler bench for the garage.

I spent ages looking at different benches, different materials and prices to match. I just happened to stumble across the “Rack It” brand of storage prRack-it.com.au_Rack-it.com.au_oduct available through Bunnings whilst sitting up late searching for what I wanted. Basically, you have two load ratings, 400kg and 1000kg and you can use ends, supports, beams, hooks, shelves, and a whole abundance of other stuff to create your own storage that suits your area. This was right up my alley and I knew I would be able to make up something simple to start with that I could add to later when space permits.


I ended up with a basic 1000KG setup that consists of two ends, four beams, 8 shelf supports and two MDF sheets for the tops.


No tools required for assembly! It all just snaps together! It’s super!


In the future I will add to this basic bench and keep building it out to house all of my gear… For something that’s well priced, easy to put together and readily available you really can’t go wrong with this system.


images (1)

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