New Daily Drive – T31 Nissan X-Trail

After the sale of my Mazda3 earlier in 2018, I lasted 6 months before realising that owning an every day car was something I needed again. Before you ask, I go to work in a colleagues company car, but this has changed recently and this is where that extra need came from.

The biggest hassle for me is that both of my Corollas are just not cars i’d consider driving and leaving locked in car parks etc. I know… it sounds silly, but I pour time into those two cars like it’s going out of fashion, I want to try and hold onto the pair of them as I love them 🙂

As a side note – I wanted a car I would be less inclined to modify and just get in and out of – hence what you see here, an X-Trail. Before we go any further – I’ve found a whole heap of cool shit I could and might do in the future… Yeah, that lasted ages.

I was keen on something handy, a wagon or small 4WD or a mixture of… Primarily that Toyota side of me said Rav4, but when it came down to it the X-Trail has a huge boot, is far better value and can tow 2000KG braked in the right engine/ gearbox designation. I went with the T31 chassis due to age and budget. A T30 was a bit cheaper, but not enough to justify missing out on the extra cargo space and general updates the newer model got.

This is the bit where it got really long in the tooth….

Once I have an idea I’m stuck with it, all over it and obsessed with it until it is either conquered or done with. I spent a good month constantly researching, looking at vehicles and trying to find something for the right price. I was settled on an ST-L but it had to have the 6 speed manual gearbox and also have the 2.5L Petrol engine and be a 4WD. Trying to find this combination in relatively good order wasn’t easy – I drove one that just felt wrong, My friend Andy drove another one in country VIC that was no good either and all of the other cars were in car yards and over the phone I was getting pushed around by these dodgy sales guys – I was massively over the whole thing, but not giving in and just buying anything was key.

I ended up finding a black ( at least shes not gold ) Ti Model. The car was 800km away, but was well priced, seemed good in the photos and checked out online with a rego check etc. My uncle was local to the car and drove it and gave me a good indication that the car was a reasonable example.

The rest of the story is that “old chestnut”. I put an offer in, caught a plane with the boss and we collected the car and drove it home. It does have a few things to fix up, but over all it’s a steal for what it is when you consider it’s got a giant electric moon roof, towbar, nudge bar, heated leather seats etc etc.


The first thing I did was give the car a good clean inside and out and a basic service.


I ordered some monsoon shields and fitted those up too – These are a must for any car I own!


The next requirement was a Roadworthy and Registration in Victoria as it was a NSW registered vehicle. I was stoked as the car has had some work done to get it up to spec for sale, including bushes and brakes. As a result It passed first go and was all said and done within a week.

The biggest change was the stereo. I wanted something with Android Auto to really bring that side of things into 2018. I went with a JVC KW-M740BT

Check it out here:

JVC Australia KW-M740

The unit came with a reverse camera and the ISO Harness adapter for it to all be just a plug and play affair – A super easy install – I’d solder any day!


I’ve got a few more little bits and pieces planned for the old girl, but for now I will be focusing on the Corollas and using the X trail to haul parts for my cars and projects!




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