Neale Wheels – Cosmic

How I spotted these wheels in the background of a sales post on Facebook market place is honestly beyond me! I knew they were a Neale wheel and messaged the seller straight away…

“They were just picked up…” The reply read. I was spewing! They were sold for just $80 for all four. I asked for the new owners details and got nothing back, what did this guy have to gain in doing me a favour and finding those details for me? 5 Days later I got an early morning message stating the blokes name with the comment “He will sell them to you for sure”.

I messaged this bloke and assumed like the first seller, he was located in Melbourne. It went well to begin with as the bloke said”Yep i’ll sell the wheels but I know what they are, they are more valuable than Simmons”. Oh geez, here we bloody go!

I put it an offer I assumed would be rejected instantly, but to my suprise it was a great offer and that was all good! yay! I was told that this deal was a today only tyoe of deal and being a weekday, I was prepared to drive to Melbourne that night to grab them. To make things even worse this bloke lived 2 hours from Melbourne, This was looking like a 6 hour round trip for me if I wanted them – Cash only too, notes it had to be – This was going from bad to worse really fast!

Lucky for me was that one of my best friends lives close to this bloke and was happy to help me out providing the wheels could be dropped off at his work. The seller was good enough to drive the 15 minutes and drop the wheels with Andrew for me to collect when it suited. That’s what mates are for!


Two of the wheels are bent on the rear of the barrels and looks to have been in some sort of accident at some point – I’d suggest some time ago as they appear to have say for a long time. The other pair with tyres are in great shape and are the reason I purchased the wheels – To swap my rear aggressive barrels off the Astro wheels for these less angry, legal barrels – I will write a post on the swap soon!

Neale Wheels – Cosmic

4×114.3 PCD

Front – 15×7 +10et

Rear – 15×7 +10et



I am constantly searching for more wheels so tell me if you see any!



































































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