SAAB Horns for the X-Trail

Apart from the Xtrail being a super comfortable, spacious vehicle for daily use, There is a concerning issue when pressing the horn – It’s the most piss weak excuse for anything short of a honker!!!

As with the Corollas, It needed SAAB Horns!

They are a lovely cheap and black swap in that will give any car that’s lacking a good wake up.

Any SAAB from the early 90’s through to the early 2000’s all run the same units – They are very easy to find in wrecking yards.


I paid $14 for the horns and bracket from a local self service yard.

The SAAB bracket didn’t suit the Nissan, So I decided to use the original.


As you can see, the horns needed to be placed further apart than the wiring that sits between the two, This was a simple extension of about 3 inches.


I retained the stock wiring connection from the car to the horns to keep it all neat and tidy.


They fit very nicely in the factory location and sound great!

I will be doing some more technical work very soon – every now and then the Xtrail will make an appearance as some of the plans for it are fulfilled.


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