AE95 Cargo Glass Swap

After parting out the carib of all of it’s goodies mid way through last year, this was on of the final items that had been in storage and on the list for installation. The cargo glass was in great condition but didn’t match my already swapped factory bronze tinted front and rear door glass I had already swapped in.

You can see a difference between what the car was delivered with here in Australia and that optioned bronze hue when side-by-side. 


Cleaning the glass beforehand seemed like a good idea at the time but realistically, It got super dirty installing it. 

Removal of the existing glass is actually pretty straight forward if you own a heat gun, some trim tools and patience – It took about 20 minutes a side to remove.  The boot plastics had to be removed for access, along with the rear seat belts and anything else in the cargo area ( The roof mount speakers and box are ok though ). 

There are 4 10mm nuts holding the glass in ( I’d call them more of a located than a fastener though as the glass has sealant all around it to both seal and attach it – Hence the requirement for the heat gun. On the outer, there are 3 10mm bolts holding the larger door side cover over the glass. Once removed, the other trims will unclip from their little channel locators with some car and a trim remover. 

The silicone needs quite a bit of heat in it to get it moving but not too much as it ends up liquefying and going absolutely everywhere. To remove it from the glass turpentine wins hands down. On paintwork petrol is fine but make sure to wash any residue off after. 

The get the glass out, I used a large trim removal tool to start the process and then used my hands afterwards. 

As you may have guessed, from this point it is directly a reversal of installation. Make sure you use a little more sealant if required and put heat into any original sealant. The other factor here is not to over-tighten any of those bolts locating the glass. 

After the glass has sat for 24 hours I cleaned it all up with some Autoglym Fast Glass – This stuff is my go to for these types of jobs and can be had at any automotive supply store and most parts websites. 

The glass is so much nicer than the original stuff. The tint has a real effect on the interior and is beneficial when driving like other tints are. 

The tailgate is the last piece of the puzzle but looks like it needs to be cut out. I am close to leaving my factory glass in there and simply tinting it rather than cutting up a good tailgate and risking it’s paint etc. 

The start of the year has been super busy in the garage so stay tuned for an overload of content in the near future!


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