Upcycled 4AFE ECU Clock

I held onto the old 4AFE ECU from my original driveline in the AE95 with the intention of making it into something cool that could hang on the wall or be placed on the bench.

I had a spare AE92 dash clock and decided to strip it out of the original housing and place it onto the circuit board of the ECU. The original lid worked really well as a stand when fixed to the rear of the housing.

img_20181228_125536img_20181228_125540img_20181228_125545 I decided to run the clock off a little 240 to 12v led transformer I had in the shed and simply wire it through the back of the housing.


It’s a cool little piece that took about 10 minutes to knock up. Id like a plexiglass front for it, but this will do for now. I took it to work and put it at my desk to keep me motivated.


Stay tuned for a barrage of content that I’ve built up over the holidays!

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