I found Two AE95 Wagons 5 Minutes From Home!

I was sitting in the back of our Vitara with the boss and her Mum in the front, staring out at the paddocks just five minutes from home. As we hook along at 100km/h , I see a very distinct roof line sitting in super long grass in a paddock deep down on a vacant block….

Of-course I went back to check it out – I knew exactly what it was, But I didn’t expect to see a second wagon, let alone one being a JDM Carib!

The car I’d seen from the road was the JDM model, I got a good lock at it and noted that it is in a bad way, the exterior gone with dents and rust all over the place. The car inside is quite good, sporting a high spec interior like the other car I parted out, climate control, power windows and all of those cool goodies. Another thing to note about this car was it’s lack of sunroof and also – somewhat cool wheels that I am guessing came on it from the land of the rising sun.


Note the longer low impact bumper bars, and also the lack of bronze tinted glass.

The second car is a facelift model base identical to my grey wagon when I bought it. Unfortunately it has been completely written off in the front end and has sat for a long period – The picture does it alot of justice!


The burgundy car  isn’t of any real interest to me at this stage, but their owner “William” was a top bloke and gave me a few minutes of his time to check the two cars out and told me the Carib would be available if I wanted it.

I will certainly keep you informed and if it does come home with me and you want parts flick me an e-mail retronicsgarage@gmail.com

You have to keep your eyes peeled!


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