Increasing Rear Suspension Travel in my AE95

Inline with swapping the barrels on the Neale wheels to get some rear end clearance, It was time to buy some travel in the rear of the 95. There are a few ways people do this, one of them is to raise the car up and use a different rate and weighted spring / shocker combination. A nice easy way is to cut some meat off your bump stops. The way my car was, It was sitting on the stops the whole time, making it an absolute piglet to drive on a rough road.

Jacking the car up and taking the load off the diff is the first thing to do.


You will have to remove the springs to get to the stops, once there it’s a single bolt that requires removal to get the stop out of the car. You can chop them down mounted on the car but I like to get them nice and even so pulling them out is my poison.


With the stops out, I used a hacksaw to take just a touch of length out of the stops to get a nice clean even cut, take your time and make sure you have a couple of beers.


Obviously, from here it’s the reverse of removal, making sure the stops are both evenly mounted into their location. Test and repeat the process if you’re still hitting your stops regularly.


Note that these bump stops aren’t the factory units but are from a Mazda Tribute – You can see the process to install these here:

Back to Life on the Ground – AE95 Wagon

This article can be applied to either stock or replacement bump stops and most Toyota live axle rear ends.

Happy Bumping and stopping!

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