The Great Barrel Swap

If you read my earlier post about the lengths I went to for a second set of Neale wheels, This is why…

They aren’t my thing and even more so, aren’t even the right PCD for any of my cars. I bought them for two barrels to loose some poke off the rear of my wagon, hoping that I could simply remove the centres of both wheels and do a straight swap.


The first thing I did was find out the torque settings on the nuts and bolts that hold the show together so that I didn’t come up short later – Surprisingly, they don’t have to be stupid tight… but firm, obviously.

I was confident in the donor barrels as they both had tyres on them and both were at full pressure, It’s hard to know if they are true until they are rolled up and balanced, first impressions were that they were ok.

removing the air from the tyres, I removed the centres of the donor wheels and put the fasteners aside.


With the barrels free of their centres, I took some time to give them a clean up and a good hit of metal polish. It took some serious elbow grease and a few sheets of thing steel wool but they came up well.


Taking my centres from the larger barrels, I gave them a quick wash down and placed them into their new home and tightened them up accordingly. I had two sets of fasteners to choose from and went for the set that looked newer with Nylock nuts.


These are now the front wheels, and what was on the front has been moved to the back with the following specs:

Front – 15×7 +20et

Rear – 15×7 +10et

The wheels look loads better on the car and make it fully functional again in the rear.


The next step from here is to take all four centres out and have them restored properly, but for now having them fit the car is enough! I will have them restored completely before the end of the year.


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