The $4 Mower Deck Washer

After checking out some nice shiny mowers down at the local hardware, I noticed some of the really premium model lawn mowers had a hose fitting mounted to the top deck next to the motor. It took me a second until it clicked – That’s a shit hot idea! You run the mower after a session on the green stuff, plug the hose into the fitting and run the hose, utilising the blades to run the water around the deck and clean it down without having to turn the mower over and run oil and fuel everywhere.

They are fairly basic:


I thought it would be rude not to go and buy a hose fitting and clamp it up and see how it all works for myself. This plastic fitting was $4, but, If you wanted you could spend extra for a nicer brass fitting if that’s more your thing…


The next step involves matching up a holesaw to your fitting and putting a rude little cavity in the deck of your mower – If you suck with a holesaw you can use a drill bit and file your way out – I did have to touch my hole up slightly with a file to get the fitting through.


Using some paint is a good idea to prevent rust forming in the future. From here its as simple as feeding the fitting through and locking it off with the lock ring underneath – make sure it’s tight.


I am stoked with how well this works for the time and money required. It’s super super simple and does what it’s meant to do. Every mower is different so just ensure you put the hole through the deck in an area that will efficiently throw water around it.


As a side note – it’s far more effective if the mower is set to a lower height as it keeps the water in the right spot.

If you’re like me and want to keep your gear clean and you lawns neat, this is a good little project.

I’d suggest it being a two beer job!

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