This is the second time I’ve used one of these lips on this car. The first was on a series I bumper bar and it came off when I fitted the second series bumper and ended up with a friend. Previously this bumper ran a Mazda 626 lip, and to be honest it wasn’t really much of a thing to me… it looked shabby.

I went to the wreckers a few weeks back on my way to the sticks to see some friends. In honestly the worst spot I found a V6 SV21 Camry and lip still intact! The best part of this was that the car still had it’s factory cruise control, and on the way home, I helped another mate, Brad rip it all out for his AE95!


As you can see, room was not a luxury I experienced ripping this off!

The standard Aussie SV21 never got this lip, it was only ever bought to Australia in relatively low numbers as it was a Japanese built, fully optioned vehicle ( A very very underrated car ).

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The lip is not a perfect fit, It’s got the wrong angle where it wraps around the bumper and requires a little bit of tweaking to get it looking good on the Corolla.

The first thing to do was to ask the dog what he thought, He seemed pretty into it.


The first thing required is to remove the surface area under the corners on the bumper so that it can be manipulated into the shape of the AE92 bar.


In the picture directly above this text you will see some mould lines on the lip that I’d suggest are there for some stability. These needed to be shaved down to flat on the inside of the lip to really get it to fit snug against the bumper bar.


From here it was test fitment time, tweak and repeat. You will need to really get the lip around the bar and train it to stay in it’s new position – If needed get a heat gun and carefully put some heat through it.

If you’re wondering what I used to cut the lip down, it’s a Milwaukee M12 Oscillating Tool. I love using it for little jobs such as this one and constantly have projects asking for this type of tool.


You can find more info here: Milwaukee M12 Oscillating Tool

Once I had the it all sitting pretty, I washed everything down and used my favourite black plastic trim product to make this old plastic trim really pop hard like it would have new – This is used on my bumpers and black bits on all of my cars with brilliant results!


As you can see, the results speak for themselves, this is such a great product!

You can find more out about it here:

Meguiars Gold Class Trim Detailer

I used self tapper screws and washers to mount it all up, ensuring that it was even all the way around and clipping it into place in the centre under the number plate. It took a couple of goes and some time with a measuring tape to get it even and nicely mounted with enough fasteners to keep it from coming off.


It finishes off the bar really nicely and brings the car down lower to the ground without being offensive. I especially like the slight chin shape to the front of the lip that gives the car some extra profile.


I’m stoked with the final product, maybe it needs some fog lights?



Written by retronicsgarage

Constantly in my garage working on a Corolla! Instagram - @retronics_garage

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