Wreckers Run – January 2019

Before moving down to the coast, I would spend most Saturday mornings down at one of the few self service wrecking yards across Melbourne. This is now a little less common, down where I live there is one yard – but it’s only really got newer cars in it.

I usually find some interesting stuff and figured i’d write about it, so here we go. Format wise I am going to post each car and then a little bit on it – It might be a childhood memory, or simply that it stood out on the day because it was cool…

IMG_20190126_113828 (1)

First up is the SV21 Toyota Camry V6 I removed the front lip off. The V6’s are becoming a rare car very quickly and in my opinion are a very underrated car. You get that camry reliability, but with some extra cubes up front and some really amazing factory issue options for their time. This one wasn’t a bad example, it had a just on 200,000km’s on the clock and seemed to have been cared for quite well, being straight I’d suggest the motor had given up.


Not one but two Mitsubishi L300 4WD vans in the same paint scheme were present, the one above my text here was complete and quite savable body wise, the other car was very very tired and showed signs of alot of exposure to the elements.

These were one of the first 4WD vans to be offered up in Japan and came onto the scene back in 1982, they were later badged as the well known “Delica”.


This little ute was quite a shame as it was super straight apart from the pictured dent. I thought it was around a 1980-1982 model with quite a good interior. If it was a styleside I’d suggest it commanding restoration and not the wreckers.


Another straight and uncommon car to be seen in 2019 in a wrecking yard.  This is a first generation Holden Jackeroo, A rebadged Isuzu that was badged as a Trooper in some markets.

This chassis ran for almost a decade before it was superseded and received numerous face lifts and front end revisions. A rarity, especially in red.


I’m guessing this little Mitsubishi Pajero IO ZR was around a 2002 build. It was a nicely appointed car and was clearly only in the dirt due to the reasonably large rear end impact. It was an auto and had a heap of options on it. We never got these locally, just the larger Pajero’s so this was cool to see.


This little Austin was basically a shell with the motor and gearbox sitting in it. My uncle had one of these when I was a kid and I remember being astounded by it being Front drive.


For some dumb reason, the Daihatsu Pyzar has always been one of those cars I’d love to slam and cruise – They are so cool! I remember my dad bringing a brand new one home for us to try out as a new family car back in 1999. It was a big no from my Mum, Dad had chosen a lilac example to display to us – it didn’t go down well at all! What was totally rad was the advertising campaign for them. Remember the Pandas?



I always get a little hit of excitement when I see a Daihatsu Feroza, they are just so bloody cool! They are so close to a Suzuki Sierra or a Vitara but are just that bit less common. This one won’t be making it back out.


Forgive me if I’m wrong but this looks to me like it was formally a CM Valiant. If i’m correct it would be a 1978 or 79 car. This reminded me of my older brothers band mate who owned a white VK model Valiant that had a soccer trophy stuck to the bonnet and had the biggest boot i’d ever seen – you could lay down a full size sulo bin in it. They used to get up to all sorts of stuff in this car, I have no idea what happened to it.


Next we have a 1985 Ford telstar Ghia. This was a first generation model with all of the fruit. For such an old car it was absolutely kitted out with  every cool retro option of the time, was automatic and even had it’s original radio – these cars are super scarce now.


Last but not least, how good is Robbo’s PVC cupholder in this little AE92 Corolla. Full bogan spec!

I’m busy at the moment trying to finish off some projects but stay tuned for a flurry of content shortly!

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