10 Minute Bench Top Screw Driver Holder

One of the most time consuming things in the garage is trying to find a tool or tools that you have misplaced after not putting it back into it’s home or just not having things organised. For this reason, having things placed in the same spot or home after every use is essential to keeping your work space tidy and free from confusion. This is a great little project that will cost next to nothing, but house a heap of screwdrivers.

To start with, you will need some 75mm ( depending on what wood you use ) screws and a couple of lengths of 2×4 wood or similar. I had two piece sat 90cm long and decided to run that length for top of the holder. Taking measurements of the height of the longest drivers will give you an idea on how high you have it, really, you can set the height at your own preference though.

Cut the legs down to size and use two or three screws to fasten the top to the legs.


I drilled a hole dead in the center of the top and cut a tiny little piece of scrap wood to separate the drivers from flat and phillips.


Once you’re at this point it really depends on how you wish to organise the drivers and what sizes you have. I used a drill bit just slightly large than each driver to get a nice fit without them falling over and sitting on an angle.

The largest drivers on my holder are all at the back, working to the front as they get smaller and finally become jewelers size.

IMG_20190217_121855IMG_20190217_122929IMG_20190217_125349IMG_20190217_125908IMG_20190217_130444IMG_20190217_131332IMG_20190217_132917IMG_20190217_135747 (1)IMG_20190217_135747

This is a super easy project and could be re-appropriated for storage of all sorts of different tools, fasteners or what ever else you have sitting in your garage that needs a home.

IMG_20190217_144105 No more lost or misplaced screw drivers! This is the first of a few projects i’ll be writing about, so stay tuned for some more ideas that I have put to work in my garage.


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