Super Budget Garage Storage

One of the most crucial conditions in any type of work space is keeping it nice and simple, tidy, clear and concise so that you can happily work away and know where everything is. This is a really large factor in my current garage due to it being an absolute shoebox, and in turn owning lots of parts and tools that i’m keen to hold onto.

The issue was that I was forgetting what parts I actually had, what I needed to keep and what could be sold or chucked. I searched around for some skinny storage shelves to run up one side of the garage that weren’t going to cost me an arm and a leg. I took a risk and grabbed the worst looking, cheapest shelves I could find down at Bunnings.

At just $13.00 a rack, I took a few home and started to build them – This was a touch painful, but the key is not to tighten them up until they are standing so you can correct any issues with them being unbalanced.

You can find them here: Bunnings Handy Storage


Once these were built, I moved them into the garage and linked the four together to keep them nice and stable. I wanted to make them both a storage and a bit of a display piece too. The dash clusters look awesome up the top and with room to spare didn’t have to be thrown on top of each other.



As you can see I like to keep things balanced, hence the storage boxes all being the same and keeping things symmetrical. Each shelf is capable of 50kg – that’s great value for the coins.


Each box has car parts sorted into it that are easy to access and the boxes aren’t full – just filled neatly in different groups – Suspension, engine, electrical etc.


All filled up it’s nice and neat, it looks awesome and I don’t think you’d know those shelves were that cheap. Keeping stuff off the ground where possible is an awesome idea, but it’s a good idea in case you ever get water in your shed.

The best part about this new area was that I could stack my larger tools up in the large racking these parts were occupying previously. I love having things housed but not crowded, it makes such a massive difference.

IMG_20190119_152310 For less than $60 you can increase storage by such a large amount, making this one of the best value options considering the weight these cheap little guys will take. I’m considering buying another couple due to another new interest that you might see pop up here and there – Retro Car Audio. I need somewhere to store some new acquisitions and repairs.


Stay tuned!

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