1996 Pioneer Cassette Radio & 12 Stacker CD Install into AE95 Wagon

This was a want for quite some time with my AE95. Being so crazy inside with the digital dash, JDM interior and all of the other upgrades I’ve done. The radio stuck out as one of the most necessary pieces inside that required some RAD.

A quick conversation over instagram  with my mate Hayden, a heap of crazy radios online later and a look in his collection presented me with the opportunity to grab a 1996 build Pioneer KEH-P8450 Cassette Radio unit and matching CDX-P1220S 12 Stack CD Player.


In their boxes!!! Holy shit Batman!

Both units are in great condition and have seen little use before going back into their boxes for storage, I love people that care about stuff – This is a prime example! My favorite part of the whole setup is the Remote control for the head deck, it’s so chunky, massive and cool!

It’s a CXA-9068 model and is undoubtedly the best thing you’ll see online today.

IMG_20190129_172243IMG_20190129_172248  Once I got the gear home, it was time to fire them up on the test power supply to ensure they were in good working order. This was super successful with both the head unit and the stacker doing all the right things… I haven’t tested “Hulk” the remote yet.


The stacker even came with adhesive labels to stick to the disc cassette so you could have your 12 discs in there and know what they were!

Now, going from a double din screen to a single din cassette, I wasn’t keen on placing a shitty din pocket in there, I needed something a bit cooler than that to run with the car. I totally forgot I had a spare height control / diff lock fascia, so for now that’s living with the deck to keep it all correct.


I had some really good company when I was placing it all in there!


I am running the deck into a four channel amp to feed the speakers to get a touch more from the whole thing – It sounds great amped up. There is a little left to do to get it all 100% but for now it’s super cool.


I am tempted to find some Subs or a sub to go with the setup now to finish it off, but as it sits it’s actually a really nice little system and will serve my car perfectly!


In the future I wouldn’t mind a dirty big EQ to match the head unit, but these are super expensive…

You will see more car audio stuff in future posts, I’m currently trying to learn more about repairing amplifiers and electronics in general.  Whilst I was checking out some information on this gear, I stumbled across this super cool 1992 Pioneer PCM-500 Cellular Car Phone brand new in it’s original box! It’s a shame it was sold!

s-l1600s-l1600 (1)s-l1600 (2)s-l1600 (3)




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