Hayden’s Rooftop Taxi Light Build

I was stoked to have the opportunity to convert Hayden’s rooftop taxi light from a used static display piece, to more of a functioning prop that could be placed on the roof of his ex-taxi for meets and shows etc. It’s funny, it’s like going back to 1995 as soon as the light is mounted and lit up, the whole persona of the car changes and it becomes what it once was again.


First things first, I got the light and hooked it up to the bench tester to fire up each globe and make sure they were still good. A couple needed replacement so that was all done and I got it to a point where it was ready for the wiring to be tidied up.


From here it was time to source a battery and modify the main support with the globe holders fixed to accept the little lead acid fellow to power the show – this involved moving the lamp holders over slightly due to the battery size.


With it all mounted up, I took the wiring completely out and gave it a freshen up.


I ran a tiny little trigger switch and cut a neat little cavity for it to be mounted on the underside of the main support bar.


With everything together I made up a little charge terminal for ease of getting the battery on trickle when required.


Of course I had to give it a go on my wagon and see how it would look! It’s so rad!!


Although there is some fine tuning to do, it does work pretty well and gives Hayden’s car back it’s full blown Taxi vibes! We have some plans to make the light lighter, magnetized for ease of placement and a firm hold on the roof, and controlled wireless via bluetooth with some automation chucked into the mix!

How good is this!


There are more cool taxi orientated projects coming too!

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