Brilliant Smart Downlight & Globe Review

The home automation space is one of those places that is on the verge of absolutely exploding like never before. I have personally seen alot of products come and go in the last couple of years I have been in my job where it’s a first hand basis. The middleperson needed to be cut out so to speak, in this case I am speaking about the requirement of a Hub or gateway that is connected to the local WIFI network or straight to the modem to then communicate with the smart components in some sort of strange protocol, making the whole operation exclusive and in general being too complex for the installer and end user.

This is where the new Brilliant Smart Home product range comes in. Let’s not beat around the bush here, this is a product that requires nothing but itself, a WIFI network and a smart phone or tablet for basic use. The beauty of this is that if you are IOS or Android, you’re in! To top it off, both Google Assistant & Amazon Alexa can directly interface with this range too, there is literally no favoritism at play here!


Smart Trilogy LED CCT Downlight


This just looks like a standard 90mm Cut out downlight from the outer, it’s not heavy, oversize and doesn’t even have a separate driver, yet manages to have the driver and WIFI all happily fitted into the rear housing of the downlight.


The little recessed lip is a nice touch and it doesn’t look as brittle and cheap as a lot of these fittings do these days. Living in a coastal area, there is always demand for a fitting with a polycarb housing to prevent the salt air from literally eating it up – not to mention what sunlight can do in some areas of the house inside and out. These fittings are solid and will hold up well.


Colour Temperature must be selectable to compete in the market today and these do not disappoint – There is no button or switch on these though, you can do it all from your phone whenever you feel the need! The range is the standard Warm White, Cool white and Daylight options.  900 Lumen is the output from these little guys on cool white.

*Please remember to have these installed by a licensed electrician.

Smart LED CCT Globe


The first thing you will note with the globes is that they are that little bit heavier, but barely. They offer the same look as any other led replacement light globe available on the market but feature the wifi module built into the base of the fitting.

They are also highly colour selectable, with more range than the downlights and a slight variance in the Brilliant App in regards to the colour temperature.

At their whitest, you will see about 900 Lumen out of the 9W fitting. You can buy them in both bayonet or edison screw fitment and are available in an RGB option, but come in at 800 Lumen.


In terms of the initial setup and configuration of each of these products, it’s really easy. The first thing you need to do is install the Brilliant Smart App:

Android Brilliant Smart App

IOS Brilliant Smart App

Once you run through the motions, set up your account and place a basic configuration together, you will be ready to flick your first switch! I must admit I did find the Android app to be a little buggy, bulky and unhappy at points ( tested on both a Huawei Mate 10 PRO & Samsung Galaxy S9+ ).


That said, it wasn’t hard at all, The downlight came to life and begun blinking to signify it was in “pairing” or “setup” mode. The globe however, was a little harder to get to this mode with the method to switch the unit to the pairing mode being to flick the switch on and off until you see the fitting blinking rapidly. Once you are at this point however, it takes less than 15 seconds and you have control of the light from your phone with ease.

When going to the next step and setting the lights up for voice control via Google Home / Assistant, you will need to navigate through a couple of menus and authorise Brilliant Lighting Smart to add and lights you have configured initially in the Brilliant App.

Realistically, the options with home automation are limitless, but out of all of the gear available on the market, the fact that these are solid, easy to setup, require no HUB and offer unbeatable value for money make them the best choice at this stage in the race.

For more information – Brilliant Smart Website

These are available from Lawrence & Hanson Electrical here in Australia. You can find your local branch here – Lawrence & Hanson Website

I really like this space and will showcase some other projects and ideas that I am working on in the garage! Stay tuned for a Youtube video featuring these two products! 

“Hey Google”

“That’s the end of this post!”


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