SP Tools SP61012 Circuit Tester Review

Two probes, one spring loaded and an LED indicator for testing both Positive and Negative circuits, What more do you need?

In the age of LED’s and in general, ergonomic things in just about all walks of life, tools are no different. I did some research on test lights after blowing another globe in my good old halogen bulb tester that has been with me for many years. The bent alligator clip and the blown globe made me think about what was out there to replace the trusty steed and this is what it arrived in a little bag last week at my desk.



Brand/Model – SP Tools SP61012

Cost – $15 to $40AUD Pending purchase location

Range 3-48v DC

Test cord length – 850mm

Circuit Indicator – LED 1+,  1-

Tester Details – Aligator Clip on cord, Two prongs – One main located at snout and secondary spring loaded probe for direct testing of cable with sheathing.


Due to the tester being quite tough to review in pictures and text, I’ve made a video and posted it on my YouTube Channel for a better look.

In all, the voltage range is really handy for anything up to that 48v mark, making it quite versatile for different applications. The led indicator for both positive and negative circuits is a great feature but the true winner for me are those two prongs. The spring loaded secondary prong is so well integrated into the housing and keeps well out of the way unless required.


For the money, I would take one of these every time!


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