Hydrosilex Recharge – Review

“The result was so dramatic that the neighbour walked over and asked me what the hell I’d done to get the depth out of the paint and how it literally didn’t allow the water to stay on the surface”.

“It’s like a liquid Swiss Army Knife!”


It’s hard to deny that driving a clean car and parking it up, knowing it is spotless is a great feeling, whether you’re a hard core enthusiast or just enthusiastic about keeping your gear clean, it can be time that makes things challenging. What this stuff addresses is that period between washes where things can really go to buggery.

I stumbled across Hydrosilex off a whim on Instagram after liking a post of a bloke running a lifted Subaru Outback that had posted some photos of the car after a session in the driveway. It’s tough these days with filters and brotherpixel sized images that have the ability to make anything look good, but I was keen, I grabbed a bottle and felt it would either be really awesome or really bad…. It was more than awesome… I was speachless.

From the outset, watching loads of videos on YouTube and checking out some groups on Facebook, I noticed a lot of punters were applying this to modern cars with near perfect paint. The real test I felt would be the Corollas in my garage with original 30 year old paint work.

This is where this product really shines (literally). You will see terms such as “Ceramic Coating” very quickly followed by “Professional” & “Advanced” that can really scare an end user away and make them feel like it’s not a process that can be performed at home, but this is aimed at home use, ease of application and time efficiency. A whole car takes 5 to 10 minutes and the results are dramatic and instantaneous.


One thing to note is that in Australia we have the Recharge and Marine formulations currently. In the USA there is a full range that includes preparation and maintenance lines that will eventually sail to our shores. Due to this factor it’s worth noting that apart from washing the car or surface down and getting it as clean as possible, removing as many contaminants as  possible prior to applying Recharge is a must. All of my vehicles are very very well maintained on every level and as a result of this, preparation wasn’t overly time consuming. If you are coating a car that isn’t kept so well, your time will need to be spent preparing the paint. I personally use a clay bar prior and that always yields great results for me.


Shipping was super fast, taking less than 48 hours to get to me from point of order. I grabbed a pack of 5 microfibre towels and they are great value for money too, they are a nice big size, quality thick items and wash really well after use.


At this point, I’ve nearly used my first bottle. Four cars are running a coating and they are all different in terms of colour and condition.


2016 Suzuki Vitara Turbo – White

This is by far the easiest car I’ve done. Being so clean already and only a couple of years old, the coating was applied and show an instant result. The depth was great, clarity equally as good and the end result made the boss lady very very pleased indeed!


2007 Nissan Xtrail TI – Black

The Nissan has loads of imperfections which you’d expect from a car with over 200,000km’s at 12 years of age. It received the full treatment, with the surface almost like glass. The Recharge added another element to that deep black paint, throwing loads more depth and shine that I wasn’t expecting what so ever. It’s also nice to own such a bastard colour that sits outside all day every day that is now easy to maintain.


1991 Toyota Corolla Wagon 4WD – Metallic Grey

This little car may be old, have it’s factory paint and trims, but it has been well and truly loved since it came home with me some seven years ago. It has always been polished, waxed and washed weekly ( Sometimes twice a week ) and was a simple car to Recharge as it was just a wash and application away. Apart from the protection you get out of the coating, I noticed that again, clarity and depth really popped on this car. Due to that speckled paint, it just pops now in direct sunlight.


1986 Toyota Corolla Twincam Hatch – Red

By far the hardest paint to maintain and keep reasonable is the original 33 year old red hue that sits on my little AE82. She is well and truly warn these days after 16 years of obsessive cleaning, polishing and waxing showing their true colours. The tough part of keeping this old car presentable is that the paint is super thin, polish and wax are really a no no. The Hydrosilex gives me those same results, but without the stress of taking any more paint off the car. Not to mention the other factors similar to the other three cars in the stable.


So, what about some cars that aren’t religiously washed, waxed and do country miles?

I took the second bottle of Recharge and drove up the highway to see my family, with the intention of giving all three cars up there a thorough clean and a quick hit of Hydrosilex to see how it performed in a more end user based environment where my weekly washing and waxing was less existent. Now, that sounds a little rough on my family. It’s not meant to come across that way though, My Mum, Dad and Sister are busy people and generally don’t get the time to wake up on a Saturday for example, and spend an hour cleaning the car(s). This is where I was keen to give them something a little easier to keep clean, and put up with the consistent bugs, dust and grime living in a regional town presents.

2010 Toyota Rukus – Lilac

The little box came up really well considering the miles it’s done and the bugs it’s caught. I cleaned it down very very thoroughly and got it was clean and flat as possible before just going for it and giving it a good coating. Instantly the pint changed, it was shiny, smooth and glass like, giving my Mum a lovely suprise!


2012 Volkswagen Caddy – White

My Dad washed and scrubbed the daylight out of the little German fridge until we were both satisfied with the base before hitting it with Recharge. The massive windowless rear end on the Caddy really tested the coating out, but the coating won. The garden next to the car became very clear and crisp as we gave the car a second light buff. One of the best results.


1999 Mazda 323 Astina – Champagne

Full credit to my sister for ge/tting right into it and giving our poor little mazda an absolute birthday. The old girl has been with us since new in 99’ and has only ever seen a couple of polishes in those 20 years. She was looking very rough and ready at the beginning of the day but came up absolutely trumps. It didn’t really pop straight away and could do with some extensive work with a buff, but that said, if you didn’t know the car as I do, you’d see it and assume the owner is very enthusiastic.


What else can you do with it?

Well, I’m glad you asked… Oh, you didn’t… sorry! Hydrosilex is absolutely limitless, it has so many uses it’s great to have around the house… In a nutshell it’s like a liquid Swiss Army Knife. I’ve used it on my BBQ, my Lawn mower, My laptop, The shower screen, mirrors, you name it.


I could go on and on about Recharge, It’s honestly fantastic, but I’ll keep it short and simple. If you’re like me and love keeping your car and belongings clean, tidy and protected look no further. The results are insane when you consider the time required.

How about Jon’s Black 2005 CV8Z Holden Monaro


Grab some at HydroSilex Advanced Ceramic Coating and Surface Protection

If you are curious, you can get 10% off your next order by applying my very own code at checkout: RETRONICS10

I’d love to hear your experiences and I hope they are as good as mine!

*Video coming soon*


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