What’s Inside an LED Smart Globe?

Don’t worry, This one was donated to the cause and didn’t function prior to being pulled down. “Curiosity killed the cat”. Curiosity also educates… I like to know how things work, especially things that I use on a daily basis, get asked questions about or in general just feel the urge to know what’s going on under the hood, so to speak. After seeing the bad side of the floor, with a 3 foot drop and a damaged base, I decided to pull down a Smart Wifi Globe and document what was inside!

I use one of these little fellows in my garage, with great results. If you’d like to know more about the product and just how much I like it, go to my review:

Brilliant Smart Downlight & Globe Review



After a thorough visual inspection, I deemed the only way to begin was to slice the top half of the globe off, for this I used my oscillating tool to ensure I didn’t do anything inside any damage.

DSCN0155.JPGDSCN0157.JPGDSCN0159.JPG It was tough not to ruin the plastic as you can see, but nothing was damaged. Peeling the top off, the flat LED board was exposed with the tiny circuit board hanging down vertically into the base of the fitting.


Around the LED board was a white sealant that I peeled away with a jewelers screw driver to try and loosed it up – This worked to get it loose from the remaining housing, but from here it was clear that the metal base needed to be removed. To do this, I decided to cut down at the seam above the terminals to gain access.


It was loose, but seemed to feel glued down on the end, it gave me the indication that I could get it off with relative ease. Cautiously using a flat head screw driver, working around the edge of the base, it came loose and eventually was able to be removed by hand.

DSCN0171.JPGDSCN0167.JPGDSCN0168.JPGDSCN0169.JPG To my surprise, the weight in these globes is due to them being filled with a silicone based compound that clearly acts as both a bond for everything to be held together by, but also a solid but still somewhat flexible cushioning for the components, making them super shock resistant.

DSCN0173.JPGDSCN0170.JPGDSCN0175.JPGDSCN0176.JPG  With the housing removed, it’s pretty crazy how compact yet simple the inside of these little blokes are, visually I wanted to remove the coating to show just how compact everything is without the housing.



So, there you go. A wifi, colour temperature adjustable, dimmable globe in all of it’s skeletal glory. From time to time I will disassemble things based on curiosity, maybe you’ve wondered the same thing? Drop me a line if you have any suggestions of something you’d like to see the inner workings of, I found this to be one of the most interesting yet!

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