Hydrosilex – How to Apply

Reading about ceramic coatings can be quite intimidating, With terms such as “Professional application only” and in general the perception that it isn’t something you could do at home without special equipment, training and very very expensive product.


Hydrosilex blows this out of the water with it’s “Recharge” product. This is a very fast, easy product to use that yields amazing results. I will go through the steps required to get the most out of the product, and in general, the basic application process.


Step 1 – Order your Hydrosilex Recharge ( if you are in the USA you can also order other products in the range such as Rewind). The microfibre cloths are also very good!


Use my Discount Code RETRONICS10 at checkout, for 10% off your order.

Step 2 – Wash the car or whatever you are applying recharge to thoroughly and dry. ( For this guide I am going to write it in reference to a vehicle.)


Step 3-  Remove contaminants from paintwork. I like to use a clay bar at this stage of the process but if you have access to the Rewind product you can apply rewind. This is an important step and I suggest repeating the process until the car is spotless. Wash car after this process to ensure all remnants of claybar or other product us removed from the surface.



Step 4 – Grab your bottle of Recharge and two microfibre cloths. Ensure the car is not in direct sunlight, paint isn’t hot to touch but is in a well lit area so that you can see the surface from all angles to ensure you don’t leave residue.


Spray Recharge on a panel or two at a time, in a reasonably liberal fashion, ensuring coverage of whole panel. ( don’t be too worried about overspray, this stuff is great and will happily sit on almost any surface).


Using the first microfibre cloth, wipe down the surface, spreading the product evenly across the panel or surface – There will still be a little bit of residual product remaining. With the second cloth, lightly buff the rest of the Hydrosilex lightly into the panel until the surface is flat and you can’t see any uneven spots.


Step 5 – After the vehicle is completely coated, wait 10 minutes and let the coating cure. You can test it out by spraying the surface with water and drooling over the results! After a week, repeat the process after washing the car thoroughly for a more effective finish and a longer lasting coating. You can expect 6 – 8 months if you apply two or more coats and maintain it with regular washing!



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