I Bought Another Corolla!!!

So, it’s probably reasonably obvious by now that I enjoy a Toyota Corolla… I dare say I’ve had upwards of 20 examples now in the last 16 years or so. Back in 2009 I owned a Cascade Blue 2003 ZZE123 Sportivo. It was my introduction into the world of 2ZZGE engines and modern motoring. The example I bought was the best I could find, it was a one mature owner, 46,000km car with service books, the worst 17″ wheels on the planet and lots of over polish that displayed the owner just loved it.


I got the car cheap enough to justify a couple of little modifications and got it on the stock 16″ wheels with king spring super lows. I owned this car for three years and added a TRD Cold air intake, Varex exhaust, 17″ HRE wheels and Koni Shocks all round. I sold it off in beautiful condition some 3 years later and thought that one day I might own another one, they are a fun little car and in my humble opinion, under rated.
That was back in 2012, selling the blue sportivo and going straight from 141kw to a stock tired AE95 was a tough break, but, when this little silver car came up through my good friend Anthony, I had to have it!


I often told Anthony that if he had a chance to own one, do it. The rest as they say is history.

After 3 years I got the message the car was going to be up for sale, and instantly made the decision to pounce on it, these things are now getting rare and I knew this was a good example, even with the miles it’s done.

It is a better colour too, I’m not normally a silver car kind of guy, but this works for me ( no bias either).


It’s been really well looked after throughout its 302,000km and is original apart from the clutch and some general wear and tear items.


Koni shocks and King spring lows hold the car on the road, with Bridgestone Potenza RE003 tyres taking care of grip.

Inside sports a 2012 Toyota Bluetooth radio, but its otherwise completely factory.

I plan to daily drive this car and have a new radio coming for it as well as OEM ZZT231 Celica cruise control to fit. There is a little bit of clear coat peel on one side of the car but it presents very very well. I am going to keep an eye out for a spare motor and gearbox to store in the garage, but apart from that I want to try and preserve the car and hope to one day have it garaged with the other two Corollas for safer keeping.

There will be updates on the new parts when they arrive and are installed, but for now, I’d like to say a big thanks to Tony for selling me the car and keeping it as pristine as possible!

*Edit* I wrote this article on my phone at a cafe whilst the Sportivo was at the workshop being ran through it’s roadworthy. It passed with flying colours and since then, I have just sorted it right out. Rather than write another article I thought I’d run it off the end of this one. The plans were/are minimal. Essentially I like the stock wheels, it sits nicely and drives well, this will be just maintenance and care taking with some of my personality attached.

First up was the radio department. After having Android Auto in my X-Trail, I had to get it for the corolla, and I even bought the same JVC unit on special. This was a nice easy install, I must be getting old as I even purchased the adapter ISO Harnesses for it! I had a spare Pioneer amp and thanks to Hayden, a 12″ Boxed Kenwood Subwoofer to suit also.

I decided to go with the amp on the sub box install for ease of removal if required and so far I am stoked with how neat and easy it all went together… I used a factory hole to run the power for the Amp from the battery and made sure the rest of was nice and neat.



As you may have noticed, I also changed the climate control fascia light globes to red LEDs to match the red cluster – It’s way better! * Youtube Video Coming*

Standard for me is also to fit a Broadway Mirror:


I went down to the wreckers and grabbed a pair of those classic SAAB Horns ( *Youtube Video Incoming*) and placed those nicely in behind the grille! Whilst I was at the wreckers I found a 2010 Subaru Forester with a nice stubby antenna and fitted that up too:


Jack was quite happy with the new leather resting chair!


So far though, the best deal has been the basically brand new Rhino Roof Racks I scored for an absolute steal. When I finished writing the first part of this post, I scoured the local online haunts to see if anything parts wise was about…. You couldn’t write this! Nearly new, keys and sitting just 1km from my house. I inquired about them and within an hour had them installed on the car. Absolutely ace!


There are still a few little things left on the list, But they are simple and won’t break the budget. For now she will do just fine! It is such a blast to own another one of these… Smiles all round!




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