The Wiring, The Heater-core & The Wagon

With a reference to the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, you can only imagine where this is going… It was actually just something I thought was funny, coming into winter and a heater core failing with  little voice coming out of nowhere teasing me about the lack of cabin heat screaming “Welcome to Narnia”. I was so focused on getting the car back together that there is a distinct lack of photos, But it will all make sense and there is some evidence this actually happened!

This came about one afternoon after work about two months ago, I had a thought that it would be nice to pull out the power window wiring I had grafted into the AE95 some seven years ago, when my wiring knowledge and skill was far less than today. It all worked but it was a situation where I wanted to feel comfortable with what was under there, that it was neat and tidy and if someone else needed to ever access it, they could.  Once removed, the main harness was an absolute mess, lots of wiring sitting doing nothing and just taped up.


After some time in front of the TV with the harness, I neatened it right up, thinned it out and removed all of the unwanted wiring and that god awful earth coloured electrical tape!!


The results were great, It all was fit back into the car and I was happy. From here I thought I would just chip away at the rest of the wiring under the dash, rewiring and consolidating what was there over time and eventually having the whole thing neat as a pin. As I was fitting the last interior plastic back into the car I could smell something sweet, and then I found this…..


Excellent. Just what I felt like doing, removing the entire dash to access the bloody heater core that has clearly failed…. This is one of those times where you can sit there like a sad sack and cry over what you’ve got ahead of you, or, you could just knuckle down, put something on the radio and smash into it… within two hours the whole dash was carefully removed, the heater core was out and the cause, a crack around one of the outlets.


I searched about online for a new core, knowing that there was a good chance I’d find an AE92 unit that was the same. This didn’t happen, I could only find AE101 and 112 units that were not a fit according to all of the research I did. I ended up finding a new denso unit eBay, and asked the seller for measurements that gave me the impression the 112 unit was a straight fit, so i did the old Kenny Rodgers, ordered the unit and just hoped it would fit – I was 95% after running the measurements and comparing them to what I’d been provided by the seller on eBay.


Apart front a slight difference in angle on the piping, the units are identical. The angle pipework is slightly shaped downwards and suited my 7AFE perfectly.

Whilst the entire dash was apart, I literally rewired the entire car under the dash. Some of the pictures make it look so horrendous, and it was fairly bad, but maybe not as bad as what the pictures make it out to be!


I ended up even painting the main dash support with some spare paint, just because!


I cut out over a kilogram of excess wiring and basically integrated everything into the factory wiring harness, the electric window relay now is in it’s factory place at the top of the fuse block and a secondary fuse box installed neatly under the drivers side bolted to the dash support to run the show.

With all of the wiring corrected and finished, it was time to refit everything and get the new heater core into place.


I bought an Alpine CDE-9886 Radio to go into the car, and the KCE-250BT addon module for bluetooth features, but, this all ended up giving me the shits and I cracked it and went and grabbed a new Sony unit instead that is just awesome for the cash!


I have reviewed the Sony unit and will be sure to post that up in the coming days!

After all of this work, I rushed to get the wagon done and take it to Melbourne for the 2019 Sakura Picnic event, we made it minus the glovebox due to some mounting issues and running short on time…. With all of that now sorted, I am happy to report that everything is working well and that I can now move onto the next lot of tasks with the car!



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