The $10 Climate Control Button Fix

“The bane of any car is when something that is fundamental to it’s function and comfort is faulty or compromised in some way or form”

It’s cold, the leather is chilly, the windows fogging up and…. the fan speed control in my sportivo is non responsive to my constant activity on both the up and down buttons to try and find some form of life in there… I’m driving to work with the windows down to defog the car, it’s 2019, this simply, is shit.

All of the other buttons work on the unit bar the fan controller. Like a hungover kid on a sunday shift at myers, this bastard of a thing reckons it’ll just work when it feels like it, and give me absolutely no notification of when that time is… This has to be sorted out. The bane of any car is when something that is fundamental to it’s function and comfort is faulty or compromised in some way or form.

It takes 30 seconds to remove the whole climate fascia and take it inside for further inspection. After removing the rear casing, I decided to try some contact cleaner on the it before trying to either source a replacement panel or starting to try and replace things on the existing unit.


I grabbed some CRC contact cleaner from work and literally just bathed this bloke in it, making sure to get every square inch of real estate to ensure overage was not only reached but exceeded. It takes about 10 minutes to dry, or cure. It was evident that there was some crusty stuff on part of the circuitry and this did give me some confidence that there was a change the CRC might have an impact on things.

Video Below:




After putting it all back together, It went back into the car and fired up and worked like it was brand bloody new! I could not believe it! This shows just how easily things can be repaired in some cases. It’s now been two days and I have had no issues what so ever with any function from the unit.


I had used the cleaner in the past on MAF sensors and other similar items, stereo internals, amplifiers etc and decided to try it before going silly and buying spare parts and spending big cash. If you have anything on the blink CRC Electrical Contact Cleaner is really worth a shot! It’s cheap, easy to use and can mean the difference between cold foggy windows and warm comfort!

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