Koni Red Adjustable Shocks for the AE95

Firstly, my dog Jack stole the show when I shared this online, with Koni re-sharing the post with the caption “Koni shocks, Man’s best Shock”. I was so happy to see my little mate up there for all to see with the cheapest of cheap Facebook Marketplace finds!

I’ve hunted around on and off for a pair of these adjustable shockers for the rear of my AE95. For what it’s worth, I have owned quite a number of Koni units now in multiple cars and platforms and have always given them two thumbs up, they are a great product and perform so well!

I was sitting on my phone late one night, looking at loads of gear for sale and accidentally found these little guys for sale locally, and to boot we’re the ones I’ve looked for for so long, they fit early Holdens and Camaros and are the perfect length to keep my King Springs captive. They were super well price and have done just a few thousand km’s, and really showed it in terms of condition and overall shape.

Koni Red Adjustable Shock Absorber

Part No: 80-2157SP1

img_20190722_180203  The only thing that requires attention before installation is the bottom bushing eyelet, you need to press this out and just run the bushing without it. I like to use a deep socket and a rubber mallet.


They are a touch longer than the Ultima Shocks that were in the car, suited to early Hilux front end and lowered commodore wagons.


The adjustment of these units requires them to be completely compressed and locked into place:

I am running them on their softest setting at the moment but think that half way would be more towards where I’d like them to be.


This has really freshened up the rear end of the old girl and compliments the rest of the upgrades really nicely. I took it for a good drive and threw it around and was super happy with just how well the Konis perform ( Not that I was Suprised ).


More soon!

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