ZZT231 Celica Seat Install into ZZE123 Corolla

a state of physical ease and freedom from pain or constraint.
“there is room for four people to travel in comfort”
the easing or alleviation of a person’s feelings of grief or distress.
“a few words of comfort”
synonyms: consolationsolacecondolencesympathyfellow feelingcommiseration

Copied directly off a Google search for “Comfort”, This is essentially the opposite of the factory front seats in the ZZE123 Corolla Sportivo. They look plush, but unfortunately are absolutely horrible in terms of keeping ones frame happy, even on short journeys. Before you start to think “This blokes on his own, he’s just saying it because he has a half cooked back” or what ever the general judgement seems to be, it’s not just me! my first low mileage example was the same, and a few guys with these cars have said the same thing… I decided this needed to be on the list for this car before I just cruise it to work and feel happy as it’s just no good.

That’s where Bway comes in. I went up to visit a bloke and to cut a long story short, he had this pair of reasonable seats ready to go into the bin as they were rudely taking up shed space. The deal was done, I grabbed them as they are very supportive and are a little less maintenance being cloth. Thanks Brian!!

When I got home, I figured I’d have a dip and see how close the mounting points where to the standard seats and gave them a trial fit. It was sort of close but sort of not, with the front legs being very very close but just slightly off, and the rears being on the right angles to meet the holes, but about a cheeseburger short of a happy meal in terms of distance, the corolla rails are about 100mm shorter then the celica.

From here I knew it was going to be easiest to simply cut some feet off a set of ZZE Corolla seats and fix them to the celica rails and go that way. Luckily the local parts haunt was occupied by one Corolla sedan with the shitty brown seats still in it, a visit followed and I was on my way home with a set of rails to use the feet from. They are easily removed, with there being a small weld and a blind pressed in stud to hold them onto the rails, nothing a drill and a grinder can’t fix!



I repeated the process and gave the Celica seats a haircut and ran the measurements to get the corolla feet onto the rails, employing some high tensile nuts and bolts to hold the blokes in place before giving them a weld to keep everything above board. There was no issues with the front feet, it was literally a straight swap and I used the existing holes and simply fixed them on. The rear required a fair deal of cutting ( about 80mm ) on each rail to make the mounting points line up, but it was smooth sailign after running some measurements and drilling some new holes.


the use of standard nuts and bolts won’t work inside the rail as the inner will hit the outer and she won’t slide, so some narrow headed mushroom style fasteners got a jersey.

With it all bolted together, I test fitted them to make and final tweaks to the rails before getting the welder out and setting it in stone, the dog was instantly pleased with the new toys!


I grabbed the welder out and got straight to work, just one of the rear legs needed a tweak to sit correctly and I was happy to make it all permanent. Don’t stress, the dog went to his bed inside for this part!


The new pews went in without a hitch, lining up and even happily taking the ZZE rail covers to make it all nice and tidy on the rear legs.


I couldn’t be happier with how this one turned out, these seats are amazingly comfortable, especially with the price tag, or lack of that was seen with these particular ones.


I am close now to having this car exactly as I want it, and will be focusing on the other two Corollas again very shortly! The last thing I will be completing is the cruise control install, but, there is plenty of stuff lining the shelves of my shed that will make their way to these pages in the near future!

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