ZZT231 Celica Cruise Control Install into ZZE123 Corolla Sportivo

As many people in certain automotive circles know, the Corolla Sportivo with it’s 2ZZGE engine and 6 Speed gearbox is often overlooked due to it being quite unknown, power figures being used to form opinions, blah blah blahh. I think personally that this is the best thing about them, a brilliant drive train with a fairly standard shell around it makes it very unassuming and can scare some cars you would be suprised about. All of that stuff aside though, what the hell were Toyota doing when they decided to give the car shithouse leather inside, climate control and cruis….. No cruise.

I love cruise, it’s a game changer on older cars, but to me this isn’t an old vehicle and cruise control was very commonly used on Toyotas of this era, Unfortunately it was a budget build for our shores and it was one of the items cut from the cars production in South Africa.  The good news is that the ZZE231 Celicas have factory cruise, as well as Camry, Avalon and others of this era with a Throttle cable still in place that could be adapted to fit on the 2ZZ with ease.

You can view the companion video I made below:

The Celicas are becoming quite common as parts these days due to age, so finding a setup wasn’t going to be too hard. I spoke to Bway about wanting to do the swap and he suprised me with a full cruise setup including a factory leather steering wheel and everything else required bar the brake and clutch switches – Absolute legend! Once I got it all home I gave it all a good clean and started to pin out the wiring to get it underway.img_20190616_183650img_20190616_183657img_20190616_183500img_20190618_204523img_20190618_223534


ZZT231 Toyota Wiring PDF

ZZE122/3 Corolla Wiring PDF

Once pinned out, I used some scrap harness wiring I had sitting in the garage and build up the loom and put some length on the actuator wiring due to it being installed on the other wide of the engine bay in comparison to the Celica.


The mechanical side of this project is mounting and making the actuator cables run cleanly through it and down to the throttle butterfly without causing and restriction or delay on the accelerator pedal. I took alot of measurements to ensure I had the best position for the actuator possible, and even better, using the factory Corolla cable without modification. It required removal of the scuttle panel to show the wiper motor to get nuts and bolts tightened up inside the windscreen channel and to inspect the wiper arms to ensure I wasn’t too restricted for space. The actuator also sits right in the place of an ID tag that I relocated to the other side of the engine bay where space permitted.


Next on the list was the run the wiring into the cabin from the engine bay. I used a spare nipple that is placed on the engine harness grommet to route the loom safely into the car.


I wired up the required functions under the dash and left the wires not required taped off. The brake and clutch switches were obtained from the wreckers from two separate cars. The clutch switch was luckily found on a 2002 Camry 5 Speed and the brake switch came out of a similar era Avalon.


These are unique to the system due to the switch functions. The clutch switch is a normally closed unit and the brake switch has four wires rather than the regular two for the cruise ECU. the stock brake switch is normally open but the 4 wire cruise switch has a normally closed and a normally open switch on the one unit.


I also sourced a ZZE122 Corolla security light and swapped out the red LED for a green item to use as an indicator switch for the system. It’s a little bright but does a great job. The security printed text and symbol were removed with some elbow grease!


At this stage of the project, I spotted a 2012 Corolla Steering Wheel complete at the wreckers and decided to install that over the Celica wheel and drive the cruise control. The switch is wired exactly the same as the celica unit so it was a no brainer. You can check the install of the wheel here:

ZRE152 Corolla Steering Wheel Install into ZZE123 Sportivo with Audio Controls

From here I tested and retested the system until I was happy with it and can report that it is awesome. It’s mega neat, factory looking with 100% functionality. I can’t wait to take it on a long drive but so far so good. It’s very smooth, especially being an electronic actuator rather than a vacuum operator actuator, so it’s increments to increase and decrease speed are far more sensitive and accurate.


There is an absolute barrage of stuff coming out of my garage so stay tuned!

4 thoughts on “ZZT231 Celica Cruise Control Install into ZZE123 Corolla Sportivo

  1. G’day Retronicsgarage
    I am interested in doing your cruise control and steering wheel setups in my 05 ZZE123. I have collected all of the items to do both jobs. I got the pedal switches, cruise control module etc from a 00 zzt231 and the steering wheel from a zre152 with the cruise stalk.
    My problem is that I honestly cannot read any wiring diagram, unless it’s labelled. So, what I am asking of you.
    Would you put up a basic diagram ( eg. green joins red white wire ).
    I can appreciate that you have already done the hard work of tracing wires and fitment.
    I am happy to do the fitment and soldering myself.
    Cheers Richard


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