AE95 Parts Car Found 300 Metres from Work!

I spotted this poor old thing about 300 metres from work, sitting in the front yard of a boat shop with some fairly bent front panels. I popped in to see what the go was and investigate the car to see if it was worth buying for parts.

It had been stacked in 2012 and sat in the yard since, covered in moss and filled with snails, spiders and all sorts of other little friends, I chucked a price at it and managed to negotiate it being delivered to my place as part of the deal.


The chassis rail was bent quite badly on the damaged side, proving it’s point when removal of the sub-frame became super hard due to bolts not wanting to come out and bits being rusted together due to the time the car was sitting in the elements.


A later model than mine, 1993 build XL Base model with air and steer and literally no extras what so ever apart from a tow bar, cargo barrier and an awesome map of the local area from the early 90’s!

I gave it a super good pressure wash to get rid of as many of the friends lurking in every little nook of the car as possible and started to strip it out.


The interior was absolutely super considering the mileage and other factors, it sold within 24 hours of the car entering the garage. The B pillar trims are always wanted by people here in Australia as the AE92’s built here were fitted with really low quality interior trimmings that just turn to dust.


I popped the rear in the air and took the tailshaft, tow bar setup and the entire exhaust for some practice with the welder for myself, along with the boot plastics as they were in as new condition, as were a few other little bits such as the rear bump stops and even the exhaust hanger rubbers – I feel like some sort of AE95 doomsday prepper!


I was suprised how much of this car was wanted by people all over the planet, I even sent the firewall sound deadener off to Ben in Tasmania for his AE92 FXGT!

The whole inside was literally stripped, leaving it totally bare, I keep the wiring from anything I part out for use on projects that require decent lengths of wiring and also to enable wire colours to be retained when creating looms using genuine parts for stuff like cruise control.


Brad wanted the gearbox for his wagon as a spare so the motor was dumped. In the process I discovered marbles in the cooling system, not your everyday sort of find, but who doesn’t love a cats eye!


After giving the garage a bit of a clean up I converted the front doors to a lambo style hinge setup in preparation for the truck to come and collect the shell and send it off to the big fellow in the sky.


I’ve saved some other bits and pieces for myself and sold more, but there still is some stuff saved that is up for grabs if you read this and are looking. I’ve found more AE95 wagons sitting and just rusting that are good for parts, If I manage to secure them I will certainly post them up with a bit of background.

I’m off to clean up the shed!

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