Robus Taylor Connect Smart Downlight Review

Robus have moved into the smart lighting scene with the release of their Taylor Connect WIFI downlight. Working in the industry I do, I had the opportunity to grab one hot off the press to run it through it’s paces.


This unit is identical to the standard Taylor LED CCT3 fitting apart from the WIFI/Smart capability, signified by the teal coloured accents on the box and fitting itself.


In the box, the product is very neatly wrapped and packed with a product information booklet. You will find information in regards to the application used on your smart device to control the light including features such as changing the colour temperature and dimming.


The driver is integral to the fitting like most of the latest units on the market, making it super compact with just over half a metre of flex and plug to power it. Like it’s less clever brother, the Taylor’s feel very sturdy when lined up next to other downlights and also have options for trim replacement if something a little different is on your mind. The trims are well priced and allow you to go to a black or brushed aluminium finish.



When you power the unit up for the first time, it defaults to a 6000k white light. Flicking it on and off three times will throw it into setup mode and allow you to take control of it using the Robus Connect App . From here it’s very simple. Both Android and IOS have the app on their respective stores and show up as the first search result when “Robus Connect” is entered. Following the prompts will allow you to first set up a user profile with an e-mail address, sign in and start configuring your first light. 



Taking initial control of the downlight, I was really pleased with how well built the app is. It runs very well, it’s fast, precise and is really simple to navigate for less technical users.  In terms of the colour change ability, it’s quite flexible and exceeds the typical tri-colour range of kelvins showing mid to high 2000’s at it’s lowest point on the scale. 

Dimming is also quite impressive and at it’s lowest level, around the 3-5% mark. 

There is also easy access to timer, schedule and scene settings in the app, allowing for some really handy everyday automation that will be a set and forget situation dependent on the application and location you choose to install the light or lights. 

For me personally, this one has gone into my rear outdoor area, and is scheduled to turn itself on at 6am and turn off at 7:15am monday to friday. 


You can even allocate a picture or logo of your choice to each scene for a more personalised touch and  name them anything you like. 


All in all, this is a really good product. In the market of downlights and smart product, from my personal experience, it is usually the application that is the make or break of the whole thing. This is where I found the Robus Connect application really good. As I stated, it’s easy, snappy and controls the hardware side of things beautifully. Adding new lights to grow your smart home is also super easy, it’s the same as the first fitting and you can allocate more than one light into the same room to control them together or separately.   You can also create scenes that use more than just one room, this is also the same for schedules and timers. 

Product Code – RC9CCTWIFI-01


Cap TypeLED
Total Power (Mkt)6.5/6.7/6.5
Lumens (lm) (Mkt)580/590/600
Beam Angle (Mkt)90
Lamp Life (Hrs)30000
Number of LEDs40 (2x2P10S)
Comparable To50W halogen
CRI (Mkt)80
CCT (K) (Mkt)2700-6500
Efficacy (lm/cctW) – Mkt90/88/93
Lux at 1m (Mkt)260/270/280
Power Factor (Mkt)0.9
Cut Out (mm)92
Projection (mm)3
Recess Depth (mm)62
Depth (mm)70
Diameter (mm)108
Unit Weight / kg0.23

Lastly, This product is 100% Google Assistant / Amazon compatible. Setup via the Home application on Google is very easy and will allow full voice control. 

I will update this post with a YouTube video shortly, and also put some more of the new Robus range to the test when I can get my hands on it!



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