Trader Powermesh Review

If you’re looking for a simple answer to home automation that includes Google Assistant integration, a clean intelligent smart phone application and a hansome product that suits just about anyone’s taste, Powermesh is worth a look.

This is completely different to the other products I’ve written about and it was nice to see something that operates from a different angle in the smart space. The GPO’s and Switches are equipped with bluetooth, and “mesh” together for the purpose of range and also automation. I only had a power point and a zimi hub to test out, so from a range perspective I can’t really comment, but if it is anything like the quality of the product itself and the app, I’m sure it’s reasonable. From what I have read it’s around the 30 metre mark.

Out of the box, you get three cover plate options that cater for most tastes and styles. I chose the “Snow Leopard” style cover as it was my personal favourite and it is really nice when installed on a wall.


I had a mate come and throw the power point in my bathroom for me. I decided it was handy here as the boss has her hair dryer and straightener plugged into it on the daily and always leaves something switched on! We have turned back on countless occasions to “check” and this was a great way to remedy the issue.


Once powered up, the unit displays blue in it’s central power indicator symbol to signify that it is in pairing mode. From here it’s really easy, grab the app and create an account, hit the “+” symbol and allow the phone a few moments to pair with the product. You can name it, locate it and individually switch each side of the power point. I named them appropriately!


Once setup, I started to have a good look at the app and the powerpoint itself. I really like the subtle yet super classy led indications on the switch mechs, and the quality of the mechanisms is second to none, they feel well constructed and exert a feeling that they will last the test of time. The software and hardware speak to each other instantly and there is literally no delay when triggering them on and off.


There are some really useful functions that I will report back on when I’e had a little bit more time using the product to report back, but in terms of thought, this is really well done. There is a section where you can see how much power you are using and have used, also the facility to lock the GPO to it cannot be used ( awesome for keeping little hands safe ) and easily activated and deactivated. There is also the other expected features such as scenes and timers.  If for any reason the unit requires a reset, it is easily done via the button under to cover plate.



To use this system to it’s full potential, the Zimi Hub is a must. This allows you to remotely control the powermesh using Google assistant, or the Zimi app itself. I discovered that the Android app gets a little buggy when trying to add the hub as the second device. I tested this on two Android phones and decided to start again and pair the hub first and the GPO second, this produced the desired result and no bugs were found.


The hub is a really good size, and comes out of the box with it’s small power plug and fold out instructions that give you everything you need to get going.


The size is perfect as it’s enough to tell you it’s there, but still small enough to fit somewhere discrete. I’ve got him sitting in the garage with my router and Google Home.

The system is identical in regards to pairing, with a blue LED on power-up and the white there after.


The last piece of the puzzle is integrating Zimi with the Google Assistant via the Google Home app to enable voice control. This is super easy, unlike other product where you need to scroll through a near endless list to find the brand of your product, Zimi appeared in my App under the home control tab and was a simple press to accept style permission. Once this was done, I named my GPO’s two switches and we were all setup.


I really like this product, especially from an aesthetic perspective. The ease of setup and overall polish of both the hardware and software components make Powermesh a viable option for setting up some home automation without breaking the bank. There is a whole range of product that you can bring home and integrate over time such as Cameras, dimmers and switches. I will report back in time when I add some more devices to the mix, but for now, head over to the Trader Website – GSME Trader

You can purchase these products through me at work: AWM Electrical Geelong


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