AE82 Twincam Window Regulator Replacement – Brand New Non-Genuine Parts!

To set the scene for you, after owning quite a few AE82 Corollas in my time, I’ve never found one that didn’t suffer the common regulator or window regulator sleeve failure. When I was on my P Plates, I took a chick out thinking she might enjoy going to dinner in my little buzz box. All was going well and I thought I was a sure chance for dessert or even a second date, But as we hit the highway both of the front windows fell into the doors in a glorious symmetrical act of foolery that saw me take an early shower and pull up stumps with no chance of another visit from the lass. Now that is fairly dramatic, but it really happened,  I felt like a total knob, and even worse it seemed that even back then ( some 15 years ago ) finding good regulators for these cars was tough!


So, in all the time I’ve owned this car, I never thought the aftermarket would ever support it with a replacement part such as front window regulators, especially at the low price and being available in Australia through Online Auto Parts. It took 4 days to get them down from Queensland and I was very surprised by the quality. At the end of the day they are just regulators, but they came pre-greased, the nylon bushes are quite good and they bolted up no worries and accepted the original regulator sleeves.
I haven’t used the car enough to say they will last but so far they are far superior to the shitty 30 year old units that I had there as a spare. I paid just shy of $70 AUD for the pair posted which is pretty good I thought.

You can find them here: AE82 Window Regulator Pair

Please note depending on when you read this they may not be available through the posted link any more.

This is a fairly short little piece, but I felt like there would be enough owners out there still today that have the same issue with regulators and sleeves etc. I have noticed them on eBay Australia also. I will post anything else like this I find in my travels / clicks and if it’s something I could use will happily purchase it and report on it.

To summarise, If you need a pair of front regulators and are trying to decide if you should hold out for that mint set of used genuine units or just bite the bullet and grab these, just buy these ones – They are great, especially for the cash!

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