JDM Toyota Air Purifier Install on AE95 Wagon

Midnight, boredom and a smartphone. What could go wrong? Well, heaps really… I have bought stuff and forgotten about it until it’s arrived and wondered what the hell I was thinking clicking the buy it now button or messaging Robbo in the next suburb and getting the reply the next morning and thinking “Geez, I should just sleep”. This was one of those types of situations, but I was at the point where I was typing in dumb stuff that never gives local results such as: Carib, FXGT and so on. I punch in “Toyota Air Purifier” and eBay says “Yes mate, here’s one local, you should buy it” , So I did. It was cheap enough, looked to be in good order and wasn’t the lovely long AE9X Corolla era unit, but a late 1990’s/early 2000’s box from an ST246 N Edition Caldina.

*I will post a Youtube link here to the video that is coming with this post*

Import Nation were great in terms of dispatch and postage time, quality of product and pricing was excellent – Highly recommended if you are in Australia.


The first thing to do was pull the unit down, check it all out and give it a cleanup and throw it on the test power supply and see if it wanted to fire up.


I grabbed a coffee and checked out the web for a wiring diagram on the unit but didn’t find anything specific and pulled it apart and checked the wiring out with a mutimeter to be sure before throwing 12v at it.

It was a breeze, three wires are used to control the whole show, all it comprises of is:

Black – Earth, Blue/Orange – Door Ajar Trigger, Red/White – Constant 12v ( 10a Dome Circuit )

I managed to get the dome light part of it going, but the purifier wouldn’t function through the switch and would only come to life with power on the fan contacts… it seemed really odd and I ended up chucking it in the car as it was as I figured I would work it out once I knew it would mount in the factory location.


The filter and scent block were still intact but are long gone otherwise, I am hoping to source new parts but I have the feeling it will be quite the task.


The underside has a plate that very cleverly has a heap of mounting holes for use on multiple models and fitted straight into the roof on my wagon with no fiddling required.

I did however have to alter the wiring connector to make it all play and just used some terminals and a good set of ratchet crimpers as we were so close to the roof.


From here it was just plug it up, mount it to the frame and I had the idea that I would come back to it and try and work out why the fan wasn’t running.  This issue with that for me, is that I can’t see the point in having something installed without it working and therefore, if it was dead, I would have made it work one way or another.


After a quick chat to Ben, he mentioned these units are quite funny and don’t like voltage fluctuation and store power, which makes sense as they run off such a small circuit.

What I discovered is that the car needs to be started and run for about 30 seconds to build up enough juice for the unit to switch on. due to being on a circuit that runs of constant power, it is wired to disengage when the doors are open to prevent it running whilst you are out of the car and thus draining the battery.


I will post an update if I source the filter and scent insert for this thing as it is just so cool! It look’s right at home in my wagon but at the same time is subtle enough to blend in.

There is heaps coming so stay tuned!


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